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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PMUA cruises along in parallel universe

Like a starship in a SciFi flick, the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority's board cruised along at its Tuesday night meeting. The crew tinkered with the ship while ratepayers stranded on another planet fumed and media observers were ignored like specks of intergalactic dust.

The board's business was mostly preoccupied with resolutions concerning awarding contracts on bids (7 items), and in truth it has to be noted that the PMUA -- as contrasted with the City -- actually advertises for public bids. Though, as Chairperson Carol Ann Brokaw noted, it is disappointing when repeated items turn up only one bidder.

Next year's Holiday service calendar was adopted -- no surprises here.

And resolutions of thanks for service were offered to Eliot Martir, who has left after twelve years, and -- in what appeared to be a successful surprise - to CFO Jim Perry and Number 2 exec David Ervin.

Meanwhile, the community has been abuzz about revelations that the PMUA's high-on-the-hog ways have continued -- only slightly abated this year -- with lavish digs and expenses to attend the annual League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City.

You may well ask what is so compelling about the annual schmoozefest that 24 staffers (down from 41 last year) still HAD to attend.

Quite a few City staffers attend the annual Conference for seminars which earn CEUs (continuing education credits) to maintain their state certifications. You might wonder if such is the case with ANY of the 24 PMUA staffers who tagged along.

Wonder on.

Meanwhile, the Courier had a column by Jay Jefferson Cooke on the PMUA's lavish tastes (see here) which I inadvertently missed yesterday -- AND an editorial today (see here).

While many might sympathize with the Courier's suggestion that the City clean house quickly, the truth is that it is probably harder to DO than to IMAGINE DOING.

Alas, like most of the rest of life.

Next month: Rate increases?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Does the public know that the higher ups/management level at the PMUA are given 4-5 figure bonuses each year? This was the case a few years ago and I doubt things have changed.

Anonymous said...

The citizens of Plainfield need to find another garbage company to pick up their garbage,and run PMUA out of business.