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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assemblyman Green launched into the blogosphere

Plainfield's Assemblyman Jerry Green has finally started a blog. About time.

Bernice called me Tuesday afternoon with the news, saying she had spoken with the Assemblyman on the phone (got that part garbled, sorry). I didn't expect a phone call from the Assemblyman. (The last time he called me was ten years ago this past March, a phone call that I shall never forget, though he may totally have forgotten it.)

With 1,360 posts to Plainfield Today since November 2005, I have been wondering for the longest time when 'the King' would take up the mightiest weapon of all, the pen.

After all, blogging is free -- all that one needs is a little time and something of interest to say. Being a good typist isn't even part of the deal. So, why not?

The Assemblyman promises 'plain truths' and 'real solutions'. Let's hope.

I hope you will check out the Assemblyman's blog (here), maybe even bookmark it.

It's not clear what Jerry's 'own views and decisions' will include. Will it be in his role as chair of the Dem city committee? As Assemblyman? As community mover and shaker? Will it be a blog or a bloviathon?
We'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, a suggestion to the Assemblyman that I have made to other bloggers who have been interested in being linked to on CLIPS and Plainfield Today --
  • Blogging, to be successful, needs to be viewed more as a marriage than as an occasional date.

  • Posting infrequently and on an irregular basis guarantees people will not remember to come back and see what's going on.

  • Not having anything interesting to say and not saying it in an interesting way will drive readers away. And if one doesn't get readers, what's the point?
Getting a link in the main section of CLIPS hinges on evidence that a blog is being posted to on some sort of regular basis. Barring that, it's the 'Siberia' of a link on the sidebar.

Lastly, blogging is the ultimate PERSONAL way of getting one's views out there.

In the shallow end of the pool, where Bernice, Dan, Maria, Olddoc and the other locals splash, blogs are written and managed by the person whose name is attached as the 'blogger'. Should it ever come to light that the Assemblyman's blog is
NOT by the Assemblyman, but by a paid-for hack or a staff member -- to Siberia it goes.

Now, when is Mayor Robinson-Briggs going to take pen in hand?

-- Dan Damon

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