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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muhlenberg and the Council: Sue who?

At this point in the struggle to keep Muhlenberg open, it seems inconceivable the Council has no proactive position of its own.

I have written earlier that it has done just as it was allowed to do and no more, by which I mean: Nothing that would more proactively upstage Assemblyman Jerry Green.

That being said, did they actually expect that the townspeople would not at some point come, metaphorical torches in hand, to demand an accounting?

Such a moment has come and the Council -- whether because of its own lack of imagination and thoughtful engagement, or because of a lack of imagination on the part of the City Counsel who advises it -- has muffed it. At least for now.

Whether or not to sign on to POP attorney Zurofsky's appeal -- and accept the attendant longterm costs -- is a valid question. And Councilor Simmons' idea that the voters should have the final say would be a worthy notion were it not for the fact that Solaris plans to have it all over but the weeping well before a referendum could be held in November.

What the Council could do, however, is bring a breath of fresh air to the campaign by suing the State to show why it is not following the recommendations of its own 'fairness and rationalization' study.

This is the line of attack that Annie McWilliams, Democratic candidate for the citywide at-large seat, opened in her testimony before the State Health Advisory Board.

It would be a courageous thing for the Council to do.

Unless, of course, Assemblyman Jerry Green and Mayor Robinson-Briggs object.

  • The City Council meets at 8 PM next Monday at the Courhouse. You may expect they have not heard the last of the Muhlenberg business. The public may comment. All are welcome.
-- Dan Damon

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