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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Traffic snafus? Get used to it.

Yesterday was a lollapalooza in the ongoing work on the city's water mains.

Drivers at midday found it nearly impossible to navigate northbound or southbound in downtown, faced with the following obstacles --
  • Southbound traffic on Central Avenue was blocked at West 2nd Street;
  • Northbound and southbound traffic on Park Avenue was blocked between 2nd Street and North Avenue; and
  • Northbound traffic on Watchung Avenue was blocked at East 5th Street
Hopefully no expectant mother in labor was waiting for a bus to Trinitas to deliver.

So many police cars were seen tied up at these and various other intersections that I noticed a street opening by the same crews at Madison and Stelle Avenues was being covered by a shiny black unmarked police car.

"Get used to it," I was advised by one officer I stopped to chat with, "looks like it will continue at least through next month."

The ubiquitous crews in the tan trucks of J. Fletcher Creamer & Son are working on contract for New Jersey American Water (formerly the locally-owned Elizabethtown Water, whose foreign ownership is disguised by the new corporate name).

Monday was the first I noticed any kind of a public sign about the work that has been going on for about two months now -- at the selfsame corner of Stelle and Madison, where the sign above was neatly stapled to a utility pole.

What are they doing? Now you know.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

And getting to the train on time at the main station was truly a challenge in patience and street strategy!

Anonymous said...

Why do they NOT have DETOUR signs to get you back to where you want to go ??? They sell them in stores.