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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What I found at the dollar store

The former McCrory's is now a Dollar Tree store.

 As a kid, one of my favorite treats was a visit to the G.C.Murphy's 5-and-dime store in nearby Fredonia, the nearest "big" town (pop. 8,000). Plainfield had McCrory's, another 5-and-dime chain.

As a result, I am intrigued by the "dollar stores" of our day, which seem roughly equivalent -- discounted and inexpensive household items and a limited selection of clothing. Today's dollar stores offer limited food items, though Murphy's did not.

This past spring I noticed a lot of work on the former McCrory's building next to Supremo. It had housed a 99¢ store that seemed popular enough but suddenly closed without notice.

After weeks of work, a sign finally was mounted to the front of the building. It said "Dollar Tree", making it the third dollar store in the city.

My 30-year old potholders. Yuck!

... and the new $1 pair.

Family Dollar has two stores, one on East Front just doors from the new Dollar Tree, and another next to the Twin City supermarket at 7th and Park. Dollar General operates a modern, spiffy store on West Front at Madison, across from the MdDonalds.

Each is slightly different. I find the Family Dollar stores seem a little helter-skelter in their merchandising compared to Dollar General, which is very well organized with excellent signage.

So, I was curious to see what the Dollar Tree looked like. It is brightly litl and well laid out, though the signage is not as good as Dollar General.

The prices in all three are low and competitive with each other. After all they are discount stores.

To my utter surprise, I found on my first visit something that I have been looking to replace for years without success -- a pair of simple quilted cotton potholders.

Bed Bath & Beyond has dozens, from ovenproof mitts to silicone squares, to kitschy flower prints, but no plain cotton quilted ones.

I snapped up a pair and promised myself to return and see what other surprises the dollar store might hold.

And I paid a dollar -- plus 7
¢ tax.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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