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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dan survives a medical misadventure; Tuesday's General and School Board Elections


Here it is the day before the general election, and I am back -- sort of -- from a medical misadventure that has has lasted without interruption since October 20.

It began with a low heart rate while taking my vitals at home (36) that landed me first in JFK and then in University Hospital in Newark, where it took a team of five doctors days to track down the culprit (an unaddressed blockage from my November 2016 bypass operation) and fix same. Among the highlights of my time there was receiving the Last Rites of the Roman Catholic Church (not a bad trick, as I am an Anglican) from a compassionate priest known to me only as "Father Mike".

After two dialysis treatments and the implanting of a pacemaker, I have finally arrived at Aristacare at Norwood for a (hopefully) short period of rehab  and then return home.

My thanks to all for your thoughts and best wishes. They are deeply appreciated.

So much for me. Now, about you.

Tuesday is general election day and I know you will do your duty -- especially important in these dangerous days under our current president.

New Jersey and Virginia are the only states with governors' races.

This is your opportunity to kiss Chris Christie goodbye.

The Democratic ticket is headed by Phil Murphy and are all running in Column A.

This year includes all members the the Legislature, including our own Assemblyman Jerry Green.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp heads the local slate as the nominee for a second term as Mayor. Ward 2/3 residents have Joylette Mills-Ransome as Council candidate and in Ward 4, the choice is Steve Hockaday.

At the same time, voters will take part in the nonpartisan school board election, voting to fill three vacancies on the Plainfield Board of Education.
I am supporting the following three candidates --

#2 - Tera Phipps #3 - Avania Richardson-Miller #4 - William A. (Tony) Contreras
and hope you will consider them, too.
To date, they are the only candidates with actual experience in teaching and administering public schools. They will bring vital experience to the Board of Ed.
Need I say more?

The polls are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Tuesday, November 7. Do  your duty.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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