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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Laundry daze

Innovation strikes the laundromat business.

One of the chores of being an amputee is that the socks that bulk up my stump to fit in my prosthesis need to be washed -- separately.

These consist of a thick woolen sock which goes on first over my 'gel sock' (a silicone lined sheath that goes directly over the stump, cushioning it), and then a variable number of elasticized white cotton socks that bulk up the whole to fit snugly inside the prosthesis, making for comfortable walking.

I started out hand washing all these socks, but that soon grew old. So I began taking them to the Laundry Factory at 576 Route 22 East just east of the Watchung Avenue ramp, before the 7 Eleven.

A small mchine cost $2.00 and could be set for gentle washing and spin dry and I could read a book for the 25 minutes it all took.

On Tuesday I go in with a load of socks and proceed to the quarter machine with a $5 bill only to find the 'insert bill here' slot taped over. I went looking for the nice lady who works there on weekdays and she told me, "no more quarters, use the machine over there."

Well, the machine over there turned out to be dispense what they are calling a "Laundry Card" which can be loaded with any amount of cash you put into the machine. She suggested $3 would cover the small machie I use.


Then I see that the old machines have been totally replaced by new machines equipped with card readers. I insert my card and the little window shows it is going to be debited $2.19 for a load of wash.

I press 'Start', am prompted to select my wash cycle, put some detergent in and away we go.

The card is for keeps and cash may be added as needed. It's simple and easy, with no more pockets bulging from unused quarters (though I always kept them in my unused ash tray for parking meters -- which are also going electronic).

The card indicates the business has changed hands and is now the "Triple Clean Laundromat" and open 24 hours a day.

The system also allows the establishment to set rates (like $2.19) flexibly, not a bad idea from the owner's point of view.

No matter, it still beats the drudgery of hand washing.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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