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Sunday, February 8, 2015

When signs of the times are no signs at all

Are Tea Party members stealing Plainfield "No Left Turn" signs?

That's one explanation that comes to mind in an ongoing mystery of disappearing signs around town.

For twenty years (or more), there was a
"No Left Turn" sign marking the exit from the A&P (now Twin City) supermarket lot onto West 7th Street. But within recent memory the sign has disappeared without a trace.

The other day I also noticed that the "No Left Turn" sign coming out of the small city parking lot behind Faraon's nightclub onto Somerset Street has also disappeared. Also without a trace.

Both signs made eminent good sense as they were an attempt to prevent drivers from blocking oncoming traffic as they tried to cut into long lines across the street from the respective parking lots.

So, what gives?

Did property owners take them down surreptitiously? Were they knocked down and never replaced? Did the city remove them?

Or were Tea Partiers acting rowdy?

(Reminds me of my college days, where one of the Greeks' perpetual pranks was assigning pledges the task of snagging a road sign to a town called Virginville, PA.)

One of the most-stolen signs in Pennsylvania.

Ah well, as Bob and Ray used to say, "that's one of life's unexplained mysteries".

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

They took the signs to sell as scarp to help pay for sharons needless promotions

Anonymous said...

For similar reasons I would imagine that the town of Intercourse, Pa. gave up on replacing signs a long time ago.