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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stendergate: Linda folds, but questions remain

Well. . . you see . . . I mean . . .

Two days seems to be the mode when Plainfield pols are in trouble. PolitickerNJ posted an item Wednesday evening that Assemblywoman Linda Stender is choosing not to stand for re-election in this year's legislative races (see here).

This comes on the same day as the Ledger reports that Linda took part in consultations with the architect designing the new "dream home" in Manasquan (see Ledger item here).

Funny thing, two days is the same amount of time it took Assemblyman Jerry Green to jump ship as a vice president for Westfield-based lobbyists The Alman Group (see my 2007 reporting here). Jerry was able to escape by the skin of his teeth; Linda may not be so lucky.

I learned Wednesday that the Stenders' Fanwood home, at 154 Herbert Avenue, sold in 2010 for $514,000, after only six weeks on the market.

In relation to the attempt to get Habitat to rebuild a shore home the Stenders are now claiming is Richard's primary residence, there must be some questions that need to be answered about the truthfulness of any declarations to Habitat about income and assets.

Not to worry, though. According to PolitickerNJ, Union County pols have agreed to let Linda keep her new $90,000 gig at the Union County Improvement Authority.

Will we ever get to the bottom of it all?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Jerry knows this crook doesnt live in scotch plains or fanwood hes even joked about it in the past.

considering shes not a union county resident how can she keep a union county job the people who actually do real work in the county have to live here so how can she have a low-show job here to begin with

it stinks 90,000 of our dollars going to this person who'd steal from habitat for humanity

Anonymous said...

Gee, I can remember when I served on that one made more than $40,000 a year. Wonder what the total salaries are today now that the predominate party in Union County has control of everything!

Charlene said...

Good for, Jerry. He's THE ONLY one who's acted like a leader by taking a firm stance. Where are the NEW DEMs that are always so quick to attack and criticize the Assemblyman? Oh wait, they're strategizing for the June primary. Or maybe their traveling across the state like they've been seen doing.

Rob said...

yes Charlene... Good for Jerry, as it's always GOOD FOR JERRY.
Good for Jerry that when it first came out he said he stood by her and no matter what he hoped she did what was best for residents of Union County... ultimately meaning "get out Linda", of course, but not "Get out of your $90,000 Union County Patronage Job".. so yes Charlene. She attempts to rip-off an organization that is truly meant to do good for people and still gets to screw over the tax payers of Union County in the end... Good for Jerry. Not so good with anyone with a moral I guess it's good for you too.