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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

State looking into Plainfield finances?

Preliminary investigation turns up $41,000 missing...

Is the state finally looking into Plainfield's finances?

Despite the fact that
Assemblywoman Linda Stender's escalating troubles are crowding the headlines (thirteen news items today alone -- will that be an unlucky number for her?), there is also the ongoing situation of Plainfield's finances.

Although Mayor Adrian Mapp has been unable to convince a Council majority to back a forensic audit of recent years' finances, what little he has been able to dig up suggests there is much more to learn about fraud, waste and abuse in the Queen City.

Over the weekend, I heard from a trusted but non-governmental source that the New Jersey Attorney General's office has finally begun to make discreet inquiries about Plainfield.

Will a Council majority reconsider its stance?

Further revelations of financial misdeeds can only make it look more and more like a coverup if opposition to flushing everything out into the open continues.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Darren said...

And, the Mayor wants a June primary? That's ridiculous. No wonder he wanted a forensic audit. For political ammunition, of course.

Finally, the State Attorney General is looking into this. I am curious to find out who's been getting special treatment around town.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that New Democrats are not talking about Linda Stender and AG investigation.