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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PMUA deal said to anger Assemblyman Green

In 2013 Election Day scuffle with retired firefighter Ricky Williams,
Assemblyman Jerry Green is heard saying "I run this mother...".

Word in the street is that the accommodation between Plainfield mayor Adrian Mapp and a City Council majority that led to the replacement of Green allies Malcolm R. Dunn and Cecil Sanders as PMUA commissioners did not sit well with Assemblyman Jerry Green (he of the "I run this mf'er" videos).

I am told Green took to the phones to try and head off Council confirmation of Mapp's appointees -- in vain. But not before berating wavering councilors in his trademark bullying style. (Only those who have been on the receiving end -- as I and others have -- can understand what that means.)

Nevertheless, whatever the deal was, it stood -- the only "nay" vote was Councilor Taylor. (Councilor Brown, a former PMUA commissioner, abstained and Vera Greaves was not present at the January 26 special meeting.)

Whatever the agreement between the Mayor and the Council majority was based upon, one thing is for sure: Jerry Green's grip on the Council is not unbreakable. You have the evidence before your very eyes.

Does the accommodation mean that PMUA executive director Dan Williamson may find himself on the chopping block? That is one rumor. Does it mean that Gloria Taylor -- in toeing the Green line -- has improved her chances of being Council President next year (which she is said to covet greatly)?

Only time will tell.

Let's hope this accommodation is just the first and not the last time that Mayor Mapp and the Council have found a way forward, and that we all can get past the recent flap and concentrate on what's good for Plainfield.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Im sure Rickey was proud confronting that old man Jerry. Would have been funny if Jerry put a whoopin on Rickey