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Friday, February 6, 2015

Tending the shrine of Sharonism?

Is the former mayor's Facebook page like the plastic flowers on a grave?

A Plainfield Today reader who may have just a little too much free time on their hands recently sent me a link to a Facebook page dedicated to former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs (see here).

The shrine to Sharonism is tended by someone who signs themself as "Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs".

Now, everyone knows that we once had a mayor by that name, but that the current mayor is Adrian O. Mapp.

While it is a common custom to refer fo former elected officials by their honorific title in speaking of or introducing them, it does seem tacky for the former officeholder to refer to themselves by the title.

It would sort of be like me -- if I were, say, a former Pope -- referring to myself as "Your Holiness" or perhaps "My Holiness", which I am sure would cause gales of laughter.

You may want to toddle over and take a peek, though, just for the tingle of discovering who the ex's friends and followers are and who she favors being photographed with.

I'm still pondering whether the Facebook page is a shrine to a dead-and-buried "politician" as she styles herself, in which case it's sort of like the plastic flowers found in cemeteries as pictured above
... or whether it is the place prayers are devoutly offered for another chance at the brass ring.

In prayer, as in life, are some more equal than others?

Though she lost at the polls, she and Assemblyman Jerry Green seem to have kissed and made up (she does now have a job at Union County College, where she is responsible for students finding bona fide work).

So, who knows? Maybe the Facebook page is a prelude to a political resurrection.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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