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Friday, October 18, 2013

Kickstart Plainfield movie

Plainfield filmmaker Alrick Brown looks to 'kickstart'
a film in which Plainfield would be one of the stars.

Anyone who has seen film maker and Plainfield resident Alrick Brown's award-winning 'Kinyarwanda' knows he has the talent to pack a terrific emotional punch.

And anyone who knows Plainfield author J.M. Benjamin can tell you that he knows how to pack a punch into his best-selling novels that draw on his own life experiences: crime, prison and redemption.

Together, they have a film project ('My Manz') based on a Benjamin novel that Brown wants to bring to the screen.

An added note of interest is that plans would include shooting most of the film on location in Plainfield, using local residents as extras.

The hitch?

Films are expensive and filmmakers often devote years of their lives to bringing a project to the screen. That was the case with Brown's 'Kinyarwanda', and looks to be the secnario for 'My Manz' also.

However, there is an important difference.

Since the days when Alrick first started to dream of a hit, the internet site Kickstarter (see here) has come into play. Kickstarter depends on a phenomenon known as crowdsourcing to spread the cost of launching a project out among many -- even thousands -- of supporters and friends.

The way it works is this: An artist proposes a project and develops a pitch video. Kickstarter sets up a framework to promote the idea and allow contributors to pitch in. The artist sets a goal of dollars to be reached and a certain amount of time is given to reach the goal. If the pledges reach the goal in the time allowed, the artist gets the money to proceed. If not, the pledges are cancelled.

Alrick has until October 23 to make his goal of $60,000. The money will be used to produce a ten-minute clip that will then form the basis of an appeal to the big money for underwriting.

You can help these talented young Plainfield artists.

View their project pitch video above and then visit the Kickstarter website (see here) and consider making a pledge of any amount to help 'kickstart' what might become a world-class film with Plainfield itself as one of the stars.

Take a minute and check it out now.

You'll be glad you did.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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J.M. Benjamin said...

Thx Dan for your ongoing support & community service/awareness for the city of Plainfield!

Unknown said...

I applaud this young gifted man and appeal to all Plainfield residents to rally behind Alrick. Also once you make a pledge Alrick sends updates and profiles of local residents. It has given me a renewed sense of pride for our town.