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Monday, October 14, 2013

Booker, Wasserman Schultz rock Plainfield

US Senate candidate Cory Booker rallied Plainfielders Sunday.

A man of his word, US Senate candidate Cory Booker kept his date with Plainfielders Sunday afternoon as he conducts a four-day bus tour of the Garden State leading up to Wednesday's special election.

Though grieving over the death of his father this past Thursday, Booker used his father's determination and resourcefulness as themes to invite his hearers to contemplate their own determination and resourcefulness in the face of the current government shutdown and Gov. Chris Christie's attempt to dampen voter turnout by scheduling a special election for a mid-October Wednesday.

Speaking of his father's hardscrabble life as a child in Depression-era North Carolina, the crowd roared with laughter when he quoted his father as saying "We were so poor we couldn't even afford the 'or' and were just plain 'po'".

Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Party chairperson
Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks at Sunday's rally.
(The geezers in the background? Yours truly and Councilor Bill Reid.)
Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, warmed the crowd with a feisty speech recalling how she knocked on 50,000 doors in her first election, in which the 'old boy network' refused to give her a chance.

Focusing on New Jersey and the current race, Wasserman Schultz tagged Booker's Republican opponent Steve Lonegan as 'Shutdown Steve' for his defense of the GOP-driven government shutdown now entering its third week.

Booker continued the theme in his remarks, launching a frontal attack on Lonegan's policies as having monstrously cruel outcomes -- especially in Lonegan's attacks on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

In the end though, Booker suggested that fate may have dinged Chris Christie in a way he could hardly have expected.

Noting that Christie went to great lengths to ensure the Senate race would not crowd out Christie's own coveted re-election by being on the same ballot, hence the move to spend $20 million in taxpayer monies to have the election on a mid-October Wednesday (this Wednesday).

'We have an opportunity,' Booker said, 'to send a message to Washington that we in New Jersey reject shutdown politics and the Tea Party faction of the Republicans'.

This brought the crowd -- which included some stalwart Plainfield Republicans -- to its feet for a resounding conclusion.

To send that message, you must vote.

The polls are open this Wednesday, October 16, from 6 AM to 8 PM.

You know what to do.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

But.what have they done for Plainfield . Booker is leaving Newark in worst shape, if that is possible, Wasserman is just a mean spirited person.....what is it that they think they can do for Plainfield which has continued its decline under more than 30 years of democratic rule? Keep doing the same? Words, just words....I am sick of these career politicians,

Anonymous said...

He might keep his word on appointment, but he's no progressive!

Anonymous said...

Judging by the polls, Booker should be glad he's not on the same ballot as Christie.

Anonymous said...

Where else but NYC can you get a pedicure at 3 in the morning?

Anonymous said...

What he will do is to help the President advance his agenda something Lonegan has sworn NOT to do. Lonegan has said that he would have voted against Sandy aid and that shutting down the government to repeal the ACA is a terrific idea! Cory Booker may not all that we want him to be but Lonegan is frightening alternative. Vote Wednesday and unless you agree with what the Republicans are doing now in Congress, then your choice is obvious.