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Monday, October 28, 2013

Buono rallies Union County Dems at L'Affaire breakfast

Candidate Barbara Buono revved up Dems on Sunday.

Plainfield Dems had prime seats as gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono delivered a feisty speech knocking the policies of her opponent, incumbent governor Chris Christie at L'Affaire on Sunday.

Buono joined Sen. Bob Menendez and a host of Union County Democratic officials in a rally emceed by Sen. Nick Scutari, whose district includes Plainfield.

Noting that the media and may people portray Christie as likeable, she warned that just because he is likable 'does not mean that he is on your side'.

She also sounded a note that has bee repeated throughout her campaign, that as a woman she has had to constantly battle the suggestion that she should step aside, or wait or hold off until all the 'boys' in line have had their turn.

She rejected that line and pointed out that each time she ran -- against long odds -- she pulled off an unexpected win: first as Assembly candidate, then Senator and finally, chair of the Budget Committee.

And she urged, with the help of ordinary people it ca be done in the race for governor.

Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of the Union County Democratic Committee (and also Plainfield's) proposed he expected Union County to be among the highest-ranking for Buono votes. Green also got off a sly poke at Union County's only 'Christiecrat', Scotch Plains mayor Kevin Glover, when he thanked the county party for being 99% behind his backing of Buono, whom he has supported since she first announced her run.

Among the other speakers was Plainfield's own Freeholder chair Linda Carter, who is seeking another three-year term. Plainfield's Democratic mayoral candidate, Adrian O. Mapp, was also singled out by Chairman Green for recognition.

The capacious banquet facility was jammed to standing-room only. When I stopped at the check-in table, I was told -- 'Oh, Plainfield! You'll be at tables 1, 2 and 3'. What a difference from the days when Plainfield would be located off in a far corner of the room.

Being near the speaker's tables meant that Buono had to pass us as she left for her Trenton rally. As she did, she shook hands with those at our table. A good, firm handshake with a look straight in the eye of each person.

Gubernatorial, I thought.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Not going to happen and glad about it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, loser candidate. I am voting with the Republicans!