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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Activist and preservationist Victor Quinn dies at 64

Preservationaist and activist Victor Quinn
passed away Thursday unexpectedly.

Word came Friday that Plainfield preservation and neighborhood activist Victor J. Quinn III passed away suddenly on Thursday, October 10.

A resident of Plainfield since 1986, Victor was a founder and longtime president of the Netherwood Heights Historic District.

He had also served as president of Residents Supporting Victorian Plainfield (RSVP), Plainfield's original gay and lesbian social and community service organization. During the 1990s, he sat on the Historic Preservation Commission.

Victor was a self-employed accountant who had a specialty in forensic accounting and auditing (how Plainfield could have used that skill!).

Besides his professional and community activist interest, Victor would also regale friends and neighbors with his performance on his Hammond B-3 electronic organ.

Victor is survived by his partner of 29 years, Bill Michelson. Michelson, who sits on the Historic Preservation Commission, is also widely known in Plainfield as the attorney who successfully argued the case of the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District against the owners of the former Abbott Nursing Home a number of years ago.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Condolences to Bill Michelson.