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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Election Day: Your chance to send Washington a message

Booker and Dem national chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz
campaigned in Plainfield on Sunday.
Today Plainfield voters get a unique chance to send Washington a message.

US Senate candidate Cory Booker, campaigning in Plainfield this past Sunday, noted the irony that Chris Christie's attempt to sideline the special election to fill the Senate vacancy caused by Frank Lautenberg's death has actually put the special New Jersey election in the center of the national stage as the Tea Party faction is holding fast on a government shutdown.

Besides that, Tea Party wingnuts are stymying Republican efforts to avoid the United States' default on its public debt that would occur tomorrow if no resolution is achieved.

Booker suggests that Democrats and moderate Republicans tired of Tea Party posturing should vote for him to send a message that shutdown politics is not the politics of New Jerseyans.

I agree.

The polls are open now and close at 8:00 PM.

Do it!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Really Dan..... While Cory Booker is a nice person, having met him on a number of occasions, do you really think he is the best person for the Senate seat. Do you really believe he did a good job in the City of Newark? Most residences of that once great city would not agree with you.

tonyt said...

Did it. Thanks Dan

Anonymous said...

I'm going to vote for NEITHER candidate and send the message that we need more choices.

Yes, Mr Booker does support gay marriage and abortion, two moral issues that I do not wish to diminish.

At the same time, Lonegan opposes the NSA and war with Syria while Booker evades both questions. If you need any reminded on what evasive answers by democrats mean, just look at the President who vaguely positioned himself as an anti-war candidate and "against" Bush's warrantless wiretapping (that he only eventually expanded). I'll let you be the judge of where vague-on-Syria will cast his vote in the Senate when it comes to expanding American empire and wars abroad, if he doesn't just vote "present" that day. It's ashame that even Lonegan is on the right side of two issues, compared to Mr Booker.

Yes, Lonegan is a right wing nut - but Booker only looks reasonable on just about ANY issue because of how out there Mr Lonegan is. The extremeness of the right wing, and their blanket opposition to Obama, only serves to let the left move increasingly to the right and we all lose.

The people lost when Booker, the most conservative, pro-corporate, anti-social security (it's true) candidate won the primary. I will not rejoice when he defeats a mad man.

Look it up, the Manhattan Instutite (that features guests such as Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Clarence Thomas, Dick Cheney, George Bush, and John McCain) was abuzz excitement with Cory Booker back before he even ran for council in Newark. He was one of their keynote speakers for a large event, and their criticism of him throughout his tenure as Mayor of Newark has been extremely mind. These are adversaries of civilization, the environment, social security, public schooling, unions, etc - but they sure love themselves some Cory Booker. If you have ever wondered why the Mayor of Newark in on television talking to Jay Leno and has over a million followers, part of the reasoning is where his friends come from.

We already lost this election. I am going to sent MY message to Washington by voting for a third party candidate. Enough drinking the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

One more comment. A candidate will not get respect from me for supporting a health plan that was devised by another right wing think-tank, The Heritage Foundation as a response to popular concerns about health care costs. The fact that the Republicans are against a program that they devised shows how ridiculous they are, but it does not show that Cory Booker is on the right side. We need candidates that are REALLY on the right (left) side.

The ruling class laughs at us as we celebrate conservative Booker over absolute madman Lonegan. They laugh to the bank either way.

Anonymous said...

Booker spent his way to the top as the ruling class has put their money on both bets. What a luxury.

Look at this article where even the conservative Bloomberg writers, of all people, with Booker, well, conservative... ... a little bit TOO conservative by the tone of this writer. They laud his ability to get corporate money as a politician. If we need better red flags than an outright endorsement/recognition of Booker's corporate money gaining potential than Bloomberg magazine, we are as oblivious and blind as can be.

The whole point is that this is not a victory...we've already lost.

Anonymous said...