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Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's up at Evergreen School?

Evergreen School bulletin board -- vandalized?

Passing by Plainfield
's Evergreen School on Friday, I was struck by the seemingly vandalized bulletin board in the school's front yard.

Always one of the city's most presentable schools and built in the 'Academic Gothic' style so prevalent around the First World War, it was shocking to see the condition of the bulletin board.

Is vandalism a problem here? And why hasn't anything been done?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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BG said...


It wasn't vandalized. It was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. it has not been repaired. This is not the only school marquee to be damaged during the storm. Clinton School's was also damaged. Maybe the school district should use some of the 'legal' expense funds to repair it. An fundraiser for the repair or replacement could be an endeavor for Evergreen's PTO.

Anonymous said...

It appears the sign is damaged It should be repaired before the school opens

Anonymous said...

This marquee has been that way for months. I called the school district, and of course nothing was done.

Supposedly, the BOE wants to replace it with a more modern one. How many months does it take do you think?

First, Plainfield is the "kids" city. If I hear one more person talk about "the children" I will get sick. This city is one of the most LEAST caring cities towards the children, as exhibited by the fact that we have a $172 million dollar budget for the schools, and we cannot even do simple maintenance on the schools.

Nice message to "the children" we care so much about - the message being, you count for nothing. Or, to be fair, maybe the BOE ran out of money because they spent it all on legal fees.

Anonymous said...

That school among others have not been taken care of in for years the school board and administration needs to be taken over.How about the five million dollar turf project? How about substandard tennis courts? Have you seen the 504 Madison Building? How much money has been wasted for projects that never happened?Were is the State? County Superintendent? Forensic Accounting of all finances need to occur? Please print!