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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sharon supporters show signs of shift

Muhammad signs are springing up in Ward 1...

...while Sharon's neighbors sport Campbell signs.

As Labor Day approaches, Plainfield's political sign wars are beginning to heat up.

The familiar blue and white signs for 'Scutari-Green-Stender' are seen throughout the city, often enough paired with green 'Barbara Buono' signs.

Most interesting though, is the shift taking place in neighborhoods that sported signs for Sharon Robinson-Briggs in the June Democratic primary.

In Ward 1, many of those who had supported Sharon are now sporting 'Mustapa Muhammad' signs, whose independent campaign headquarters is located on the corner of East Second Street and Netherwood Avenue.

In Robinson-Briggs' own neighborhood around Pemberton and Central Avenues, her Sharon signs have been replaced with those supporting young John Campbell, GOP candidate for Assembly.

No signs have been spotted yet for the second independent mayoral candidate, D. Scott Belin, nor any signs of a campaign headquarters (though some are expecting him to inherit the old Sharon HQ across from City Hall).

Enjoy the holiday weekend, then it's back to the wars.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

what a dumb report. you are really stretching it! There are many people who only had Campbell signs and still only have Campbell signs. You are always trying to create a situation that doesn't exist. Ridiculous.