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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer rumors (about Sharon, of course)

You-know-who will soon be out of a job. What's next?

Lazy summer days in Plainfield mean there's time for that favorite pasttime, old-fashioned summer porch gossip.

Two items are making the rounds, both concerning Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, whose mayoral daze and perks are drawing to their inevitable end.

The first addresses the question of how Sharon will pay the bills once the mayoral gig is over. With her chances of getting a job through the Union County Dem network at less than nil, word has it Dan Williamson is looking to make her an offer at the PMUA. Perhaps in Bob Ferraro's old slot as an 'enforcer'? Friends looking out for friends.

The second rumor is that Her Honor is looking to become the next statewide president of the NAACP. This one may have some substance since she has practically had a lock on the local chapter for years. But that would mean taking out her old Republican pal and fellow Plainfielder, George Gore, who is also angling for the job some say.

Pull up a rocker, make yourself comfortable and chat a spell, won't you?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Sharon advancing colored people? That did not occur in Plainfield under her watch so I doubt it will occur on the state level. Maybe she should be the Head of the Non-Advancement of Colored People. That is a perfect position for her! Just ask Plainfield residents and business owners who see other urban cities and towns flourishing that have similar median household incomes and demographics.

Bob said...

Whatever the job, Sharon will do a terrible job. She doesn't have a clue how to serve, but loves to be served. NAACP can have her if they are dumb enough. If Williamson hires her on the PMUA, then we need to get rid of him. What's he doing there anyway, except collecting a big paycheck. If they really do a forensic audit of Plainfield's books, I hope Sharon ends up in jail.

Anonymous said...

Make her Police Director

Anonymous said...

Was PUMA not created as the Country Club retirnment home for ousted officials!? who's really surprised?

Anonymous said...

She not going to want to go to PMUA with her "SPECIAL FRIENDS" Willie Jenkins and Keith Knight who just got fired last week from PMUA.Oooo wait...maybe she'll get them back Dan!