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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Can't get Ledger to the phone over 'Y' blooper

Sensational blooper in Ledger headline and lede,
though photo is tagged correctly.

The Star-Ledger made a sensational blooper Wednesday, confusing Plainfield's YMCA and YWCA in a 'roundup' story on the YWCA's bankruptcy declaration.

The blooper was headlining the item from the lede sentence as being about the YMCA (see the screen shot at top of this post; the online version is here).

Fact of the matter it is the Young Womens Christian Association that is filing for bankruptcy protection, not the YMCA, as the photo illustrating the item makes clear.

In a sad followup to Bernice's recent commentary on changes in the media, an attempt to call the Ledger's attention to the error was futile.

After spotting the error about 11:30 PM Tuesday evening, I had to search through about four or five levels down in the 'Contact Us' section to actually find a phone number. A call to the number for 'corrections' (which is the same as listed for the Metro Desk) rang and rang, with no one answering and no voice mail. A call to the reporter's number netted a 'voice mailbox is full' message.

I can imagine there was a time when New Jersey's largest daily paper had a real live person answering the Metro Desk phone 24/7; and when the photo illustrating the story would have been taken by a real photographer and not cribbed from Google Maps.

Sadly, no longer.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bernice said...

Khavkine's article is correct, Haydon's Roundup has the error, although copy desks are not what they used to be, so the error may have crept in. One would think a copy editor would recall the story and fix the roundup, but one would be wrong, eh?