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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Calling Dave Wynn?

Was cellphone 'overlooked'?

The latest rumor making the rounds at Plainfield City Hall is that Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs failed to require former Superintendent of Parks and Recreation Dave Wynn to turn in his cellphone and laptop when he resigned a year ago.

Does the city keep tabs on this kind of equipment and make sure it is turned in when people leave city employment?

When I retired, there was no procedure in place. I personally drew up a list of all the equipment (including cellphone and computer), keys, and files that I was turning over to the City, and had it signed off on by the Purchasing Agent and myself.

Without such a document, how would anyone know if Wynn had turned his cellphone and other items in?

One possibility would be to call his old cellphone number and see who answers.

Can someone please send the number along?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

908 451-1412

Anonymous said...

Dave Wynn city of Plainfield cell phone number


Rebecca Williams said...


There IS a strict policy on the return of cell phones, Ipads, laptops, and other equipment when an employee is no longer employed by the city--it must be returned by the last day of employment. Everything is logged and signed in and out by Information Technology. I had to sign when I got my city cell phone and Ipad, and the serial numbers are recorded. The phone records will show whether former employees used city equipment after leaving their jobs. Any use afterward is called "theft of services," and at the very least, the money would have to be repaid. I am sure that the city does not want any thieves on the payroll.


Bob said...

Sharon has never been even slightly organized, so why would we expect something that keeps track of city owned equipment. Good riddance, Sharon.

Anonymous said...

I would bet the farm that if anyone had a list of laptops that were purchased against current inventory, they would find some missing.

What happened to the system with bar codes that was placed on all city property? I remember someone coming through and taking a city inventory for insurance purposes and placed bar code stickers on just about everything but that was years ago.

Anonymous said...

any updates on this?