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Monday, August 26, 2013

UEZ layoffs, Latino festival at tonight's special Council

Magic 8-ball having trouble?
Plainfield's City Council holds a special meeting at 7:00 PM tonight to consider (or is it reconsider?) two items: the UEZ layoffs plan and Edison Garcia's request for permission for (another) festival in City parking lots 8 and 8-A.

The Council has gotten itself in a bind over the UEZ business.

After Councilor Mapp pointed out that the UEZ funds on hand are not a 'grant', cannot be considered a 'grant' and should not be put on the books as if they were a 'grant', the Council previously removed the funds from being available as if they were grant funds.

That meant that the two UEZ positions, which the Robinson-Briggs administration had been funding with UEZ monies now had no funding since Robinson-Briggs did not include them in the regular budget.

The only recourse was to submit a layoff plan to the State and carry it out.

However, at last week's business session, with only five councilors in attendance, three (Brown, Greaves and Reid) voted against the layoff plan.

While it is possible that Councilors Brown and Greaves just didn't understand that funding can't just be wished into existence (notwithstanding Sharon's attempts to spend money she doesn't have), there is no excuse for Reid's vote since he has years of experience in public agency management and perfectly well understands the ins and outs of fiscal procedures.

With Councilors Storch and Rivers presumably back in the saddle again this evening, the outcome may be presumed to be different.

As for Mr. Garcia's request for another festival (his second this year), Bernice has aptly raised the question of whether the Council has thrown its own rules (45-day adance notice) out the window. Has Mr. Garcia gotten hold of some magic button to push?

It all unfolds at 7:00 PM tonight in the Library at City Hall.

-- Dan Damon [follow]
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Bob said...

Too bad some of our Council People are either too lazy or not intelligent enough to understand what the Council does or what the state and city law allows. Let's get rid of the idiots and try to find someone who will take the time and work for the people of Plainfield. I don't like seeing anyone laid off, I've been there, but I don't like paying salaries to people who have little or nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you are not posting comments anymore Why