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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Robinson-Briggs to West Orange for MLK Day

Mayor Robinson-Briggs will be speaking in West Orange.
Plainfielders waiting to catch a glimpse of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs at Monday's 37th Annual Frontiers International MLK Breakfast (for more, see here) may be disappointed to learn that Her Honor will be in West Orange instead.

Plainfield's mayor is the featured speaker for this year's West Orange Human Relations Commission MLK ceremony, which is also a breakfast event. Mayor Robinson-Briggs will speak on the theme 'Moving Forward With The Dream'.

While there is no mention of Her Honor's MLK Day activities on Plainfield's website, there is no shortage of notice of the activity in media covering West Orange -- for instance, the Township website here and Facebook page here, and the Alternative Press' article here, and MLK calendar here. Uncharacteristically modest of a politician for our mayor not to toot her own horn on our website.

Speaking of tooting horns, those who recall Robinson-Briggs' promise when delivering her State of The City Address at the Council reorganization on January 3rd that the address would be put online for all to see will have a hard time finding it. At least I could not find it. Anyone have any ideas what happened to it?

PS: Many local Deltas, faithful attendees at the Frontiers event every year, will be noticeable by their absence this year. That is because they are in Washington, DC, celebrating both the Inauguration of President Obama and the 100th Anniversary of the sorority.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll go destroy that city too and take her band of merry men and woman with her

Anonymous said...

Dan, the State of the City speech is there, but it's kind of invisible. You have to use the search function to find it (it is in a folder of 2012 documents). You can't see what else is in that folder since access is denied when you try to read it.

Keeping It Real said...

To: 8:01 AM - My sentiments exactly on the lady leaving town for the day to celebrate elsewhere; hopefully, this is a foreshadowing of what's to come in the very near future -- a wonderful thing it would be for all of Plainfield. Hip-hip hooray!

olddoc said...

8:13 :I can not find the document always end up the Council agenda. What is the road map?