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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting info to Dan for Plainfield Today

Using the 'comments' option to send Dan information.
A Plainfield Today reader recently asked in an anonymous comment how to get 'info' to me.

Depends on what information you want to pass along and how important your privacy is.

Readers can always send me an EMAIL at plaindan at gmail dot com, including attachments such as photos or documents. Using that email address will reveal the sender's email to me.

If you want more anonymity, use the COMMENTS function on any Plainfield Today post (just click on the word 'comments' at the end of the post). Comments may be made anonymous by clicking the 'anonymous' option in the comments composition window (as in the illustration above).

You will not be able to send me a photo or document if you use the 'comments' option.

I totally understand that City employees may be concerned about harassment if their identity becomes known for passing information along. The anonymous comment guarantees that no one knows where it comes from.

In any event, I try to check out leads and tips with others to make sure of the facts of the matter, so not every tip makes it to a story -- remember my concern is the honest and competent performance of duties by elected officials and government employees; forget the personal stuff.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Try to get in touch with you by email didn't work. But there's another fundraiser for MAYOR Sharon Briggs going on this evening at a local bar at 108 Church St. at 6:00. Did you get your invite?