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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Council: Rivers high-fives Mayor; Brown and contributors

Those who left last week's Plainfield
City Council meeting immediately after its adjournment missed the sight of Council President Bridget Rivers and Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs exchanging high fives over the conduct of the meeting.

The Mayor has special reason for feeling good about the new Council alignment as she is expected to personally benefit from having the taxpayers foot the bill for her ill-considered lawsuit against the Council in the matter of the WBLS radio broadcast of August, 2010.


When resident Alan Goldstein spoke during the public comments section at last week's Council, he specifically referenced contributions to Councilor Brown's campaign by principals (and their wives) of Remington & Vernick, the engineering firm whose contract is up for adoption this evening.

Brown's response was that she didn't know who 'Remington and Brown' (she was corrected by Council President Rivers on the firm's name) was.

This may be true, but Councilor Brown should be aware that Mr. Goldstein does his homework. The records are all available online at the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) website, where contributions to all Brown's election campaigns are available, beginning with her campaign for school board in 2004 which was jointly bankrolled by Assemblyman Jerry Green and GOP 'kingmaker' John Campbell (see here), through her primary campaign for Council (see here) and the 2012 general election (see here).

Plainfield City Council meets tonight at 8:00 PM at the Council Chambers/Courthouse, East 4th Street and Watchung Avenue for its regular business meeting, rescheduled from Monday on account of the Martin Luther King holiday.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Adrian Mapp has also accepted campaign contributions from Remington and Vernick.

Bob said...

Aren't the people of Plainfield happy to get another incompetent person working for us. We now have Rivers and Sharon. Somehow I think God is either mad at us or demanding we get off our butts and pay attention. I hope its the latter.

Alan Goldstein said...

Dan, this still remains your best work-

Anonymous said...

I hope anyone who has time tonight come to the Council meeting and let your voice be heard about paying for the mayor's lawyer.

It was her choice, and now the taxpayers are paying.

Hey, maybe they'll pay for my taxes since they don't care about spending the city's money.

Bob said...

Tonight should be a hoot. We get to see dirty politics at its best in Plainfield. We have a crooked mayor and what appears to be a very biased and less than competent council president. I will be home from work just in time to see this side show. I guess the voters can't count on much this year, but we can vote our Sharon and the Three Stooges, Rivers being one of them, when they come up for re-election. It's time Plainfielders come out and show the powers that be, that we won't take it any more.