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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More violence in Plainfield?

Cop activity in the Kings Daughters' neighborhood Wednesday evening.
While on my way Wednesday evening to Plainfield Councilor Adrian Mapp's home with
nonperishable food for Saturday's MLK Potluck and Food Drive, I and other drivers were forced to the curb after leaving Supremo supermarket by a Plainfield police cruiser speeding west along Front Street with lights flashing but no siren.

Not long after the Union County Sheriff's Crime Scene Investigation panel truck came trundling along in the same direction.

As I prepared to turn south on New Street I could see that there was a gathering of police cruisers with lights flashing in the 500-block of West Front Street just past the Kings Daughters Day School and near Elmwood Place, the site of so much of Plainfield's violent crime.

Will we be reading shortly about yet another shooting?

Or stabbing?

Or beating?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Fourth ward take note. You got what you voted for - so how's the representation in the area going for you?

Anonymous said...

Dan thanks for your help in getting the Mayor re-elected. All of your negative comments have pissed the residents of Plainfield off. Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Dan I really used to think you were fair, but now i see what other's were talking about. It's only the begining of 2013 and you have not given anyone a fair chance. Wow!!! Will a real canidate for Mayor please step up. You have Mayor Robinson-Briggs that do not do anything for the City of plainfield and you have Councilmen Mapp who hides behind you to get out negativity. Someone please step up to the plate and Run for Mayor. I for one is tired of all this negativity