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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dan skips a beat: Ptomaine in the romaine?


Apologies to Plainfield Today readers for missing a post yesterday.

After spending Saturday in the company of some 700 or so who turn out for the Herb Green and John Goldsack memorials, it occurred to me that health officials are declaring the flu season to have reached epidemic proportions.

So, when I awoke about 4:00 AM Sunday with chills and every joint aching, I thought perhaps I was among the 38% who got the flu shot but will get the flu anyway.

The other possibility was ptomaine in the romaine.

I was so famished when I got home Saturday that I made a nice big Caesar salad from two heads of romaine lettuce -- which I did not take the precaution of rinsing first.

Since my symptoms have greatly subsided (I still feel weak) by early Monday morning, I'm beginning to think it was ptomaine in the romaine.

Always rinse veggies before eating.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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