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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Board of Ed reorganizes Tuesday (correction)

For months the District website has slated the reorganization for Monday. No more...
Since the 2012-13 school year began, the District's website has had the 2013 Reorganization scheduled for Monday evening, January 7.

Having it on a Monday made me scratch my head, but who am I to question those to whom we have entrusted our children's future?

Checking daily this past week to see if the agenda was posted, it appeared sometime between Friday and Saturday mornings. When I opened the agenda, the date was set for the 8th.

Going back to the meetings calendar, everything was changed -- date, time and place. Without a word of its being a correction.

Anyway, the Board of Ed reorg is slated for Tuesday, January 8, 7:00 PM at the PHS Auditorium. The agenda for the meeting is available here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bernice said...

Not only that, but the names of those to be sworn in omitted one person in the earlier version. Oy vey!

Dan said...

I thought I would be kind in not mentioning that Ms. Coley's data is also not correct.

She was seated immediately after the November election for the balance of 2012. She will then be sworn in at the January meeting for the three-year term.