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Monday, November 26, 2012

Will Council fill McWilliams' vacant seat tonight?

Councilor at-large Annie McWilliams has resigned to pursue graduate studies at NYU.
Plainfield's City Council held public interviews last Monday evening of three nominees offered by Assemblyman Jerry Green, head of the Democratic City Committee, to fill the citywide at-large seat left vacant by the resignation of Councilor Annie McWilliams.

McWilliams, who is pursuing graduate studies at New York University, submitted her letter of resignation on October 23, effective November 1. Despite the long lead time, Assemblyman Green was only able to pull together a city committee meeting on Tuesday, November 13 -- and that without giving members the five days notice provided for in the the group's bylaws.

Nevertheless, the Council accepted the correspondence from Assemblyman Green and conducted the interviews. The correspondence is duly noted in the agenda for tonight's business session.

However, a cursory review of the agenda does not reveal an item for taking up the nominations and acting on them.

So, will the vacancy be filled tonight? And at what point in the meeting?

The tension mounts.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bernice said...

Au contraire. Under new items there are three resolutions, one each for the nominees. If the first one fails, I suppose they go on to the next, etc. They might all fail if the vote is 3-3.

Dan said...

See what I get for not scrolling to that last page?!

But being last means that even if one is selected, they will only be a member for two meetings.....

Anonymous said...

Annie is already missed. While people may fill her seat, in all due respect, none of them, and that includes Tracy, has Annie's sense of presence or critical thnking skills.

Hopefully, we will see Annie at a later date here in Plainfield.

Good luck Annie. We appreciate your service, and you will be a superstar.

Anonymous said...

Tension? No tension here.

Council is insignificant and unaccomplished.