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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Hurricane Sandy album

In preparation for storm, confidence...

An album of pictures from Plainfield's encounter with Hurricane Sandy.

Branch from neighbor's dead tree fell right where I usually park.

Hundreds of trees were felled, here across Clinton Avenue...

...and at Clinton School.

A two-family home on John Street needed to be demolished.

I counted nearly 40 trees down in block-long Oxford Avenue...

...and nine on the grounds of Questover on Central Avenue.

This Sleepy Hollow Lane home lost its second floor.

A 'city tree' just missed St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Park Avenue.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Beckett said...

    Thank you for posting this. Plainfield is my hometown (my parents are still there) and, while I have seen pictures from other towns in Central Jersey, I hadn't seen any from Plainfield. I have been thinking of home a lot lately.

    I have driven past that house in Sleepy Hollow many times. That tree in front of St. Mark's is also quite something. I went to school with one of Fr. Lyons' daughters.


    Anonymous said...

    I also want to express my prayers to Plainfield, (Sleepy Hollow) (Netherwood) and all NJ residents. I lived on Leland Ave. for 25 years and moved to NC in 2010. Apparently my detached garage was demolished by falling trees. I was two houses from Oxford. What a mess. If I get a picture of my old garage I will try to post it. What a shame. I really hope you can get this behind you soon.