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Thursday, November 29, 2012

So, JFK is safer than Overlook?

Plenty of Plainfielders are still upset at the closing of Muhlenberg Hospital and its replacement with a satellite emergency department (SED) of JFK Medical Center (all that is left of Solaris Health System, which had been the parent organization of both hospitals).

Some take their frustration and anger out in badmouthing JFK.

My experience during my amputation and recovery, as well as rehab and orthotics has been uniformly positive. In the course of my care by JFK I have met many doctors, nurses and other staff who formerly were at Muhlenberg.

This morning's NJSpotlight features an interactive map of New Jersey's hospitals with their safety ratings (see story and map
here). The ratings are based on injuries, accidents and preventable medical and medication errors for 2011.

JFK gets an 'A' (see
here). Overlook gets a 'B' (see here).

So, JFK is safer than Overlook?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

According to Consumers Reports, JFK came in dead last.

m&m said...

Yes, I think JFK is better than Overlook——this from caring for both parents during the past two decades. JFK has many x-Muhlenberg staffers, and the care is good. Wish they were just down the road—but the trip starts to seem shorter. Hope you are doing better and better, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Except when hospitals have "confidential" settlements with people who have lost their lives with incompetent doctors and/or the hospitals who hosts those doctors. At least you didn't go to Trinitas. I would operate on myself before I went to that place.

There is no way to rate a hospital when then enter into "confidential" settlements.