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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

La bandiera rossa: The red flag mystery

Who knew a little red flag could cause such a stir? Plainfield's City Council last night took up the matter of the red flag with the city seal that has appeared in City Hall Library in the past couple of months. (Bernice has a picture of Mayor Robinson-Briggs with the flag at a Veterans Day ceremony -- see here.)

No one from the Robinson-Briggs administration could give an answer as to where it came from, and the supposition seems to be that it is new.

The flag is neither new nor intended for the uses to which it has recently been put.

It was ordered and paid for by the late Mayor Al McWilliams to be installed in his office, behind his desk, to balance the American flag also displayed there. It was probably in place as early as 2003 and remained behind his desk throughout his time in office. McWilliams had noticed in press photos of other elected officials that often they had an American flag and another representing their municipality or agency in their publicity photos.

la bandiera rossa.

Mayor Robinson-Briggs simply inherited it and is responsible for its current placement and use.

Not much subversive going on here, methinks.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Anonymous said...

    If Sharon was responsible for the flag, you would have been all over it. But since your buddy McWilliams ordered it, which you should have know well ahead of time as his press secretary,it's okay I guess