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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Total per pupil costs, Plainfield public and charter schools

New Jersey released its Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending on Friday (complete report is here). Here's Plainfield's total costs per pupil for the District and the city's charter schools for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years (where available).



Plainfield Schools





2010-11 $151,325,551 7,915.6 $19,117
Central Jersey Arts CS 2009-10 $4,493,124 344.6 $13,039

2010-11 Not available -- --
Queen City Academy 2009-10 $3,034,669 225.1 $13,480

2010-11 $3,194,989 232.6 $13,738
Barack Obama Green HS 2009-10 N/A -- --

2010-11 $1,582,475 110.6 $14,311
Union County TEAMS CS 2009-10 $2,921,541 214.5 $13,620

2010-11 $3,579,481 249.5 $14,344

The NJ average and median expenditures per pupil for the years in question --

AVERAGE PER PUPIL $17,787 $17,362
MEDIAN PER PUPIL $16,782 $16,609

The Barack Obama Green HS only began in 2010-11; no explanation is given in the state's data for why no 2010-11 figures are given for the Central Jersey Arts Charter School.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Thanks for the information. It seems that we're paying a lot to have such stupid kids who have trouble graduating by truly passing required tests. Too many of our high school graduates have to graduate by less than acceptable means. We need a new BOE and I don't have any faith in the new super. It's a shame that this BOE ran a scam on us and spent so much money, just to pick Beylin-Pyles.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest score) scoring in NJ, Plainfield is a 1. We have $152 mil budget for the school, and we get bupkis.

I can't wait until Plainfield has to start paying that school tab - I believe it will be in 3 years.

Rents will go up because the taxes will increase to include the school. Propertly taxes will go up for the same reason.

Maybe some of the parents who don't pay attention to what is going on will start because this will now affect their pockets.

Actually, I say close the schools and send these kids to the surrounding areas where they have a chance at a life. Not here where the BOE cares about their political clout - and very little about the schools.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, did you notice that all the Abbott schools are spending over 100 thousand, and they are doing to worst in education and educating the kids.

It's not the money, it's the parents, and we have some really lax and lousy parents in this city. Certainly not all, but not enough to make a difference in the school system. How many people vote for the BOE? Less than 1K i believe, and many of them have no kids in the school system.

I will say it again, and say it out loud (we spend too much time in this city tap dancing around the actual issues), we have many parents who could care less about their kids education. How can I say that? Look at our test scores, listen to our kids who do not speak English well, and look at the entitlements that are brought to this city. When you pay nothing, and you have no skin in the game, you don't care.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I asked a principal where was the abbott money going because I just don't see it in the schools (there is a shortage of or no books, computers that don't work, more children in each class), and he said...oh, most of that money goes towards salaries.

Anonymous said...

About your report, interested in what accounts for the about $5,000 per year more in spending per student at the public schools. There must be a list of items, e.g., ESL, larger facilities, remedial work, etc.

About a comment, is it true Abbott funding changes will start in three years? Does it scale in? As taxes go up, house values decline for everyone. Uh-oh.

Anonymous said...

Bob -- you have NO RIGHT to call our students stupid! None. I'm going to show them this post as well as the intro of the man who permitted this post to live so that they can see what "some" community people think of them. This is disgusting. You are way to OLD to be calling such horrible names.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: 5:31 a.m. is correct. Plainfield kids do not start stupid; the school system fails them at every turn, many of their parents are indifferent or hostile...I read essays by what are probably the best and brightest every year, Frightening. But it's our failure that leads to this.

Anonymous said...

To 5:31 - perhaps stupid is a harsh word, but the sentiment is absolutely corret.

Our children are not well educated, and I hope you show them this comment as well. Perhaps they, themselves, will demand better, because it is obvious that the adults in this city don't care a hoot.

They should know that they are rated at the bottom of the pile. Is that OK with them?

It is people like you who sugar coat the actual truth. I hope you not only show them Bob, and this comment, but I hope you put your energy into demanding better for them.