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Friday, July 6, 2012

DPW extends brush pickup schedule with special offer

DPW Yard. Entrance is at foot of Central Street.

In my thirty years in Plainfield, the DPW has always taken a break between the Spring and Fall brush and yard waste pickup cycles.

This year, as DPW Director Eric Jackson has observed, there is more brush and yard waste than usual, and he and Public Works Superintendent John Louise did a drive-around to assess the situation.

Jackson has extended the brush and yard waste schedule accordingly. I reprint below an email from Mr. Jackson to Council President Adrian Mapp on the subject --

Good Morning Mr. President,
As you may be aware the Public Works Yard has concluded its “Brush and Yard Waste” pickup for the season. Due to the amount of brush and yard waste that we see remaining throughout the city, my staff and I have developed the following program:

  • Residents may bring their Brush and Yard Waste to the Street Yard on Mondays through Fridays; 8:00am – 2:30pm
  • Program will run; July 16, 2012 through August 10, 2012 (4 weeks)
  • We are requesting that the brush be tied-up and the waste bagged (it is optional)
  • This will be a free disposal service to residents and local business owners (I.D. Required)
  • The Street Yard and Inspections Divisions will continue to monitor our streets for compliance and cleanliness.
 The objective is to remove waste and debris off our streets and thus clean our streets. Additionally, it is another resource to our resident who cannot afford to go to the PMUA for this service.
I will have flyers and electronic media sent out to residents after this has been properly vetted. 
Looking forward to your comments.

Eric Jackson

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to the DPW for seeing a need and addressing it! This is the kind of problem-solving we need throughout the city!

Anonymous said...

What is the address of the street yard?

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: what is the Street Yard? The DPW yard on South Avenue?

Anonymous said...

"Additionally, it is another resource to our resident who cannot afford to go to the PMUA for this service."

What, PMUA too costly? Doesn't DPW take the stuff and drop it off at the transfer station? Are we getting a better deal by adding a few extra steps to the process?

Bob said...

This sounds good, but where is the "Street Yard" located and how many people will actually bring their brush. Not many people have a truck or will put this stuff in their SUV or car. It's a nice thought but not very practical.

olddoc said...

Once again; What a delight it is to have Eric Jackson as Director of PW after 6 years of political incompetents.ed

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should pick up the brush??? Ya think?

linda said...

kudos to both mr. jackson and mr. louise for thinking outside the box and thinking of putting the residents first. as a homeowner, i find we often have yard waste left over long after the last pickup with no way to discard it. so, if indeed this program goes into effect, i'm sure it would be most welcome by all us struggling homeowners.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at a crucial element missing in this seemingly helpful announcement.


Yet again, the communication from the city has been too late or not received. I didn't get the schedule for yard/waste pickup until near the end of the schedule!

Asking around to friends and neighbors throughout the city, this is a chronic problem.

The Mayor needs to insist that taxpayers get their moneys worth (!) by ensuring that all services are communicated at the beginning of their usefulness and not the end!

Such a waste to have trucks driving around and not picking up yard waste because homeowners didn't know that they would be coming and even more of a waste to have them come back AGAIN to do the job that should have been done correctly the first time!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this letter a few times...but it doesn't actually say where the yard it the location of the DPW (745 south avenue)?

Anonymous said...

Just couldn't resist that PMUA jibe huh Eric? And to think the DPW uses PMUA facilities...smh

Rebecca Williams said...

Hi, Dan et al,

Yes, the "Street Yard" is located at 745 South Avenue. This is where residents (with ID) may drop off their yard waste from July 16th through August 10th!

All best,


Anonymous said...

Actually in the summer them are to use the paving machines bought to fix the small roads in the city



I think you forgot to mention that it was President Councilman Mapp who actually took the complaints of the Plainfield homeowners regarding this issue (including mine) and bringing it to the attention of Mr. Jackson to look into this problem of garden debris during the summer months. As a result of Councilman Mapp's concern for the City of Plainfield -he has put Plainfield first and not be concerned with the chance of this positive action making the mayor -Your Horrible Sharon possibly looking good.


I DO agree we should applaud Mr. Jackson for giving a solution to this problem (even though I believe I shouldn't have to dispose of my garden debris anywhere but on my curb, since I do pay high taxes).

Thank you Mr. Jackson and please don't let the mayor scare you away.

Hey . . .
I'm just saying . . .

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but...I think as a resident we should be able to drop bags of yard waste off at Rock Ave all year w/o a charge...after all we are bringing the stuff to them. The other problem is that no matter when the last pick-up is there are always those who continue to put stuff in the street, then someone else sees it and thinks there is another pick-up and more stuff is put out. I called DPW and they said the city would be fining those who left stuff out in the street. Do you think Westfield would allow people to load stuff in the street and get away with it??? We as citizens need to be more respectful of the schedule.

Anonymous said...

For those who wait for a mailed schedule, you don't need to. It is always posted on the city website. Not easy to find, granted. The problem is that one person puts stuff out and others don't think and do the same. Worst is when the DPW picks it up and the rule breakers are rewarded. Lots of issues to go around...the usual....
Good point, nope you don't see this in Westfield, or any neighboring towns. Maybe that's why our property values are low??? It looks awful, trash in the streets.

Anonymous said...

@12:47 -

This is NO Westfield! We could be better than Westfield, but as of now -I REPEAT -THIS IS NO WESTFIELD!