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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Board of Ed names new super; is that all there is?

All the news, from the District's website.
Plainfield's Board of Education -- in a move that surprised no one -- named Interim Superintendent Anna Belin Pyles as its new permanent Superintendent at last Thursday's special BOE meeting. As others observed, the resolution of appointment didn't even appear in the voluminous agenda, suggesting it would be treated as a 'walk-on' item.

None of the bloggers was able to be there. The Courier chose not to cover the event. The Ledger ... do they even come out for Plainfield news?

I've been looking for a story somewhere, anywhere ... but with no luck.

After recently updating my browser's Flash player, for some reason I was no longer able to see the rotating banner headlines on the District's website.

Falling back on another web browser, all I came up with is the graphic at the top of this item. A simple message of congratulations ... no press release, no smiling photo of the Board and the new super, nada.

Though the questions asked of the two finalists at the meet-and-greet were finally put up, no answers were.

Though the outcome was not a particularly well-kept secret, the selection process has been the most secretive in all my thirty years of watching Board of Ed workings. The question is, Why?

Though elected by the voters, this current Board of Ed seems to favor working out of sight of those same voters.

What will the voters do come November, when they actually have some alternatives to the Grand Slam team?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Another generation lost. Send these kids to schools that know how to teach and care about their kids, not their politics.

Anonymous said...

The opposition to the Slammers will probably be bankrolled by the Jerry Green for Assembly committee, so what difference will it make? Public officials working out of sight of the voters is in this city's DNA. Public officials working for their families, friends, or political contributors, rather than for the public, is the rule, not the exception.

Bob said...

Why is our BOE still taking us to the cleaners. This was a set up and I'm sure breaks some state and federal fairness laws. I feel like they used the public. We are not served well by Beylin-Pyles and we need someone who will take us forward, not keep us in place. Plainfield has an education system that is to be ashamed of and doesn't give our children what they need. It's like we got Sharon again, but this time our kids get the shaft. We need to kick all of the BOE members out and start from scratch.

Anonymous said...

They are a disgrace to the CHILDREN and PARENTS of PLAINFIELD. I really wish I had seen the slammer for what they were. They are dishonest, and they could give a crap about the CHILDREN of PLAINFIELD. We the residents of PLAINFIELD have to make sure we get the VOTE out in NOVEMBER. VOTE out anyone affiated to the cicken and fish frying CAMPBELLS.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what SCAM Mrs. Campbell pulled to get the other's to VOTE for the useless Superintendent of Schools. She told them let's VOTE her in now by the time NOVEMBER comes around the incompetent RESIDENTS of the this great CITY of PLAINFIElD will forget and it will be WATER under the BRIDGE. Well guess what Mrs. Campbell the water have run dry and you and the rest of your cronies are OUT of here. Plainfield please let's not forget this travisty. This BOE have never been transparent. They have never been honest. Keisha Edwards stood in front of a room full of VOTERS and said they will see their comments on the BOE websight just a blatant LIE. She will be the 1st to go.

Anonymous said...

Do anyone know if there are any other's running for the board in november?

Anonymous said...

I was told that the vote was not unanimous, does anyone know who voted no?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:06 AM: Betnice wrote up the list of candidates. See

Dan said...

@ 7:10 -- The vote was 7-2, I'm not sure who voted against. The interesting thing is that with all the time they took and the secrecy, you'd think that there would have been unanimity.

Meanwhile, no cake, no flower, nothing. This bunch is truly graceless.

Anonymous said...

I also heard there was two holdouts. could it be the grand slam team is not so grand? Dan how can we find out who voted against?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, when they come up for re-election they will sure let you know that they voted against that decision.