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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update: North Avenue building should be boarded up today

Work is supposed to begin today to board up burned-out North Avenue building.

Got an email Wednesday evening that Plainfield
officials visited the North Avenue merchants affected by the fire and subsequent street closing.

I have been told that the contractor for the insurance company with the policy on the building is to be on the ground this morning to board up the building. I will be going by to check this out.

Once the building is boarded and scaffolding erected to protect those on the ground from any possible falling debris, the next question will be the cleaning and opening of the street to some sort of traffic arrangement.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

The city really let the merchants and residents down on this on. We need to work on this.

Anonymous said...

I must tell you that I could care less about this building being boarded up. Who is going to come and support merchants in an area that looks like a war zone? This building should be fixed up by the owner. He should be putting up signs as such (coming soon....).

Otherwise, in my opinion, the merchants are worse off because of the visual atrociousness.

This city does not need boarded up buildings, they need occupied buildings with pleasing merchandise, windows and street scapes.

Anonymous said...

Now we are getting somewhere...