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Saturday, January 7, 2012

[UPDATE] It's Saturday, do you know where your Mayor's 'State of the City' address is?

Whether or not the State of the City address was posted to the City website at 1:00 AM Friday
is less important than when word was put on the home page, for which see below...

Website tool shows the change to Plainfield's home page
(noting where to find the booklet) was made at 3:12 PM on Saturday.

[UPDATE] This is an update to the post, after a commenter said they saw the booklet on the website.

It is indeed now posted to the website, with a note on the front page (see top image above) -- saying it was posted at '1 AM on January 6 on the Downloads page'.

There was no such note on the home page when I looked early Saturday morning. Why wouldn't the current address be listed with the previous ones on the home page? Who knows? Who would think to look on the 'Downloads' page?

I have an interesting tool that shows the last time any page was updated.

Guess when the notice was put up on the Plainfield website's home page? See the second screen shot above -- 3:12 PM, Saturday, January 7 -- hours after my blog post.

Can we get real here?

Screen shot of the City website this morning. Only 2010 and 2011 Addresses are there.
At some point during Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs 53-minute 'State of the City' extemporization at Tuesday's Council reorganization meeting, Her Honor held up the booklet she had prepared and said 'it will be on the website Friday' as well as on PCTV.

Taking the Mayor at her word, I checked the City's website Friday, but did not find the promised document.

'OK', I said to myself, 'it's Friday until midnight. Let's be fair and give Her Honor the benefit of the doubt'.

So I let it go overnight.

Here we are, Saturday morning, and guess what ... no speech.

I, for one, am surprised and disappointed. After all, the Mayor gave her word.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


The address was idiotic anyway. Everyone was giving everyone else the side eye and wondering when it was going to end. The only one who seemed to be listening with any interest was councilwomen Rivers. She and mayor Briggs had a fundraiser together last month so I guess they are planning to be running mates together in 2013. We need a better councilwomen in the 4th ward. Lord help us.

Anonymous said...

The 4th Ward should wise up and get someone who will represent them well. Councilwoman Rivers would not name an appoint anyone to the PMUA commission. She only did so when Annie McWilliams appointed one, and then Rivers was highly offended that she did not put a name in. When Rivers did put in a name, it was someone who worked for PMUA - talk about no clue.

Hey 4th Ward - is that OK with you?

Anonymous said...

That would be slim pickens

Anonymous said...

Dan, I thought you kenw that the Mayor is always,always late! I think that she is also late in turning in her RESIGNATION!

Anonymous said...

CouncilwomEn...... Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

I saw the booklet on the website.

Anonymous said...

They think they can lie and make it up but they are just not that smart. I saw the same thing you did Dan. She really must have the IT guy working overtime to try to hide her mistakes. but even he is not that good.

Anonymous said...

The 4th ward councilwoman likes to call herself "councilwomen Rivers" for some reason.

Bob said...

We all know the mayor is a joke and Rivers is a joke on the 4th ward. She has probably never had an original thought. If you ever hear her at the council meetings, she always paraphrases someone who spoke before here and doesn't speak well at all. I guess the mayor thinks that having Rivers near her will make the mayor look good.

Anonymous said...

The web site itself is a joke. It looks like a circus is in town (not far off) rather than a business like site that is welcoming to visitors and developers.

I am very disappointed in Chris Payne and how he has not done a thing to upgrade the web site and make it more user friendly. Although I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he takes his direction from the mayor who knows nothing, and is too stupid to realize that if she listened to someone who knows what they are talking about, it will reflect well on her.

Anonymous said...

The Problem with people in Plainfield is that they care about their own agenda instead of common sense solutions..sad. in regards to the city website, yes it is terrible but the new site is in the works and will be live soon, take some time to ask questions and you may get an answer. Second the media team(which was present at 6:45pm) was not allowed to set up prior to the Executive Session, and instructed to wait in the foyer until the meeting was open to the public.., hence the equipment was in the hall.Get the facts before you type. Dare I say with all the animosity running amok,seems there are intentions to set people up to fail, but again it's those that talk to much and don't do much.

Anonymous said...

The City's new website is at but you need a logon and password to access.

Seems to me that anyone should be allowed to view the website since it is being paid for with tax dollars.