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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congressman Pallone at Plainfield New Dems' MLK Potluck

Congressman Frank Pallone poses with guest of honor President Barack Obama.

Plainfielders at Saturday's MLK Potluck had a special treat besides the table groaning with specialties brought by guests -- a visit from Congressman Frank Pallone.

Pallone and an aide mingled with about a hundred guests at the home of Council President Adrian Mapp and his wife Amelia. In brief remarks, he thanked Plainfielders once again for the role they played in securing his 2010 election -- where he lost his home base of Monmouth County to a Tea Party surge.

Sadly, this will be the last time Plainfield will be able to make such a contribution to Pallone's success as the recent redistricting moves Plainfield out of Pallone's district and into that of Rep. Rush Holt.

The Mapps home lent itself well to the mixed crowd of old friends and newcomers -- many of whom filled several rooms as they ate and chatted, with a small but fervent group in the sunroom watching the Saints vs. Denver football game.


Folks crowded at the Potluck table.
Live music was provided by the ever-popular Joe Bonini as background to lively discussions of everything from local to national politics as well ascatching up on news of families now grown and dispersed.

The Mapps' capacious back porch was piled high with contributed canned goods and non-perishable food items, this year being donated to Shiloh Baptist Church's food pantry.

Besides Congressman Pallone, special guests included Union County Freeholders Linda Carter and Mohammed Jalloh. City Council members Rebecca Williams and Cory Storch were also acknowledged.

Guests were given a special treat in being able to pose for a photograph with President Obama, for which the Potluck is considered the local grassroots kickoff.

Congressman Pallone with one of Plainfield's hardest working volunteers, Carol Bicket.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

Anonymous said...

Carol, you look adorable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the account - only one correction - the Saints did not play the Broncos. They played the 49ers, and the Broncos played the Patriots.

Rebecca Williams said...

Not Saints v. Broncos, Dan! You are clearly not a football fan--lol! It was Saints v. 49ers--a nail biter which Saints lost--after which we watched Denver v. New England--in which Brady schooled Tebow!


IndividualVSPoliticalMachines said...

Hi Dan -

Please allow me to piggyback and add a video clip of Congressman Pallone speaking at Concilman Mapp's home, which is on YouTube.


Bob said...

A lot of food was collected for the food bank and a good time was had for all. It's all about giving to the community and when is the last time you knew any politician to give to any community? I'm glad we have some who do.

Dan said...

To the football fans -- it's even worse than you thought!

I paid no attention to the game at all and was busy circulating a petition for Council.

So I asked TJ's mommy, my 'jock' source, who played last night, and that's the answer I got.

Next time, I'll ask Reb...;-))

Anonymous said...

So whose petition for Council were you circulating Dan?

I hope its not one of the sitting Council Person whose vote put Malcolm Dunn and Cecil Sanders on the PMUA board.