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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is Plainfield School District gaming job postings?

Screenshot of online Ledger ad for Supervisors, dated January 24.
I have been told in the past that job openings in the Plainfield Public Schools are not always properly advertised before being filled.

In fact, one of the complaints against former schools superintendent Steve Gallon was that he hired people improperly.

The question comes to mind because of information on current openings that I received yesterday (January 25).

It is an online advertisement in the Star-Ledger for Supervisors in the content areas of Math and ELA (English Language Arts) -- see the ad here.

So, here's my question: The ad is dated January 24; the deadline for receipt of resum├ęs is January 25.

Does this mean the District is filling the position(s) from within and only going through a pro forma post of the job opening, trusting that no one will be able to meet the tight window of opportunity?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

With regards to this question there are two answers. 1. Yes, it is like calling someone at home when you know they are at work or not there. 2. This district has a record of providing notices and information a day late on the regular. Time at the PPS moves in a different direction. Many times I have recieved notices for events meetings etc. on the same day its to happen leaving me 99% of the time not able to attend due to short notice.
Posting positions in the papers should be done in a timely matter giving every interested applicant a chance to respond; but if that is not the intent by placing it in the paper they cover the requirements of posting it.
There are so many practices which District needs to be questioned that even writing them all down would be a new blog site of its own.

Anonymous said...

The STRIKE OUT TEAM and their puppet the ACTING Superintendent at their BEST. The next School Board Election will be held in April. Plainfield residents please have a VOICE

Anonymous said...

Probably. We don't have a failing school system because it is run properly.

Bob said...

Sounds shady to me. Is this school board and it's super doing a proper job, or are we continuing with the illegal practices of the past that have cost us so much money in law suits?

Anonymous said...

Any chance at all that this was not the first time the posting ran?

Dan said...

A 10:25 AM -- Perhaps. But my question was about an ad posted on one day with a deadline of the very next day. Now, why would one run an ad that way?

Anonymous said...

It's also not very cost effective. They should be getting the best advertising "bang for the buck". One day certainly is not it. Who is the CFO overseeing costs, looking for ways to save money or be more effective with OUR dollars?

Too long the school system and government has seen taxpayers as a piggy bank that will never run dry. Citizens must start to demand accountability!

I doesn't have to mean something shady is going on. I could be they are:

1. Incompetent. Unqualified people who can't handle the pressures of their job.

I don't care if you have a degree -- that is no guarantee that you can manage time, people and money. That takes business sense and skill. I've met plenty of "college educated" people who had poor skills.

2. Overwhelmed. So many problems, so many fires -- they can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

The job posting was list in last week's Star Ledger-Sunday I believe. Plus it has been on the district website for at least a week. Last time in Oct? or Nov? they also posted it in the paper and on the website.