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Monday, January 30, 2012

Is Robinson-Briggs refusing to pay her fine?, and other questions...

Smart-ass Magic 8 Ball!
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' involvement with money is endlessly fascinating.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that Her Honor will be refusing to pay the $200 fine levied by the City Council in its resolution reprimanding her and forwarding the results of its factfinding investigation to officials with prosecutorial and disciplinary authority: the Attorney General, the Union County Prosecutor and the Department of Community Affairs (see previous coverage of that issue here, including link to Olddoc's posting of the complete resolution of reprimand).

The mention by someone that Councilor Bill Reid is no longer Robinson-Briggs' campaign treasurer spurred a search of the Election Law Enforcement Commission's (ELEC) online reports, where the 2011 fourth quarter report of Her Honor's campaign committee was due January 15.  A search early Monday morning (see here) shows the most recent filing is the third quarter report, filed in October 2011.

Lastly, the matter of the 'Sharon Robinson-Briggs Civic Association'.

My attention here was keyed by a story Friday on PolitickerNJ about a lawsuit against Union City Mayor (and State Senator) Brian Stack, alleging that he used the 'Brian Stack Civic Association' as an illegal funnel for campaign contributions and doling out contracts based on contributions to the fund (see story here). Shades of Sharpe James!

At any rate, these 'Civic Associations', which are legal, are supposed to be registered as nonprofits, devote their monies to community-related activities, and file the detailed reports required of nonprofits concerning fundraising and expenditures.

I remember hearing months ago that Mayor Robinson-Briggs had established such a nonprofit, and more recently that she and Councilor Rivers had held a joint fundraiser at Hugo's.

So, do I wait and see if the fundraiser appears on Mayor Robinson-Briggs' campaign committee report or do I try to track down the Sharon Robinson-Briggs Civic Association records?

So many choices, so little time!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

If it weren't for Shady Sharonda we wouldn't have anything to laugh about in Plainfield. She can surprise at times and Sharon doing the right thing would be a surprise indeed.

Anonymous said...

When a city employee has a discipliary action against them, a disciplinary action for is filed and a copy goes to the State. Was this done? Just fill out the form and direct a copy to payroll and have it taken out of her check. Forget of it's legal or not - Just do it

Anonymous said...

Fundraisers at Hugos, how classy! Ghetto Robinson-Briggs!

Anonymous said...

How can people even think of voting for this woman? She slams Planfield for her own gain at every step, she cannot lead anything, and she consistently shows that her focus is herself and her gain.

She is a sad but accurate commentary on why Plainfield is what it is.