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Thursday, December 22, 2011

FULL REPORT HERE: Council's investigation into funding the WBLS broadcast

Report: Mayor, city employees broke law.

Mayor solicited contribution for July 4 Parade,
applied to WBLS broadcast without getting permission from Investors Bank.

Plainfield Today is pleased to make available for your online reading or download the complete report to the City Council of independent counsel Ramon Rivera on the questions surrounding the funding of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' Town Hall Meeting of August 1, 2010 on WBLS.

Courier reporter Mark Spivey has a front-page story today on the matter titled 'Report: Plainfield mayor broke law' (see here), detailing findings of fact concerning the roles of Mayor Robinson-Briggs and city employees.

Council: WBLS Investigators Report

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what the teflon mayor, and her followers (who don't think things through) have to say.

Perhaps this is why the mayor just wouldn't answer questions a year ago and save taxpayers money, and Plainfield embarrassment.

Since she broke the law, do the citizens have recourse to get her out?

Bob said...

Once again, our mayor proves that she is a typical crooked politician and doesn't take responsibility for her bad behavior. She is a laughing stock throughout the state as being the most "do-nothing" mayor in the state. I think she should have a permanent record for this poor behavior. I would like to see her fired, I know I'd be fired for this behavior at my job. What a waste of flesh, and we cannot expect better behavior in the future.

Let's see how the mayor's lackies on the City Council respond. Are they as crooked as she is and perhaps complicit? Maybe we need to replace them also.

Bob Bolmer
Plainfield Dem. Committee

Anonymous said...

Is the Mayor reading the same report as the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Bob Bolmer I really wish I can say what I mean but I know Dan will not post it. he probably will not post it anyway. You RACIST PIG. I think you are very upset because you can not do what they did in the 40's divide and concur the Blacks. get a life and MERRY CHRISTMAS

Anonymous said...

Well folks business as usual. Perhaps if I was the the Mayors roomate at college my husband could get a job he is not qualified for at City Hall. And take the courses on city time and money to get certified as the "purchasing agent". BS or should I say WBLS.

GB said...

In other words: Don't do it again.

Anonymous said...

As tragic as this administration has been it is the mouse in the kitchen. The elephant in the living room is the conduct of the Commissioners at the PMUA as the two "retired" executives are departing with what has the potential of being approximately $1,500,000 in severances. The boundary between patronage,cronyism, and inept administration on one hand,and criminality on the other, becomes blurred. Another special investigation should be initiated.

Anonymous said...

It's theft plain and simple. I don't care if she had the check made out to the Pope, she had NO authority to do so. Why isn't she under arrest?

Anonymous said...

She's just as bad as the crook that's running Orange.

Anonymous said...

I guess what goes around comes around. Last year Sharon fired city administrator Bibi Taylor just before Christmas, this year Sharon's Christmas present is this slap from the council's investigation. What timing!

Dan said...

@ 7:58 AM -- I don't see what's racist about what Bolmer posted. The mayor is an elected official, and gets the complete right to be criticized by the voters (which includes Bolmer).

Also, you will note Bob is an elected member of the Democratic City Committee, which means a number of people probably see things his way.

And you......?

Bob said...

I see one person here is defending the mayor and stating the truth does not make me racist. I taught many Plainfield High School graduates, training them for jobs. Because I thought the Plainfield school system was terrible would make me racist according to this one remark. Shady Sharonda would be a bad politician and terrible mayor if she was the whitest white woman you could imagine. Get a life. How much does she pay you to say such garbage. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

She is as crooked as the PMUA. Stealing from the residents of this city is what they are all about.

Anonymous said...

The dishonorable mayor Sharon has lied under oath and has been charged with misappropriation of funds. She has wasted hours and thousands of city taxpayer dollars. She should be asked to resign and be forced to pay the total cost of this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Bob, you were right on point about the mayor. The handwriting is definitely on the wall. To bad all that person saw in your comment was racism, makes you wonder but I guess the truth really does hurt.
have a Merry Christmas!