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Sunday, December 18, 2011

North Avenue fire update

A former tenant tells me the numbers are 121, 123, and 125.


Views from several angles. Immediately above shows
'ghost' Bull Durham Tobacco ad.

Today's Courier features a story by reporter Mark Spivey on the 1885 North Avenue ravaged in a mmm-alarm blaze before dawn on Saturday morning (see story here). You can review my post from yesterday here.

I stopped by on Saturday and got some pictures, posted above.

There is still some confusion about the address of the building. A former tenant tells me the building is numbered 121, 123 and 125, while both papers have numbers in the 130s. Neighborhood rumors also point to occupancy of at least one of the vacant apartments, allegedly for purposes of prostitution.

A reader who tried to Google the address got a Dunellen result. The only way I was able to force Google to bring it up was to the include ZIP '07060' in the search term.

While it is sad to think of losing yet another piece of the historic fabric of this Victorian commercial streetscape, we at least have a developer in the picture (Frank Cretella's Landmark Properties) and hopefully something can be done before anything else is destroyed.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I was speaking with my neighbor yesterday and we were talking about old times in Plainfield. We were remembering Carol's hamburgers and how good they were. We were trying to pinpoint the location as we believed it was on south ave maybe where the Mcdonalds is now located. I told her many people dont remember Carols but my Mom used to take us there every Friday as a treat when she got off from work. I told my neighbor I read your blog and maybe you could help us out.
Thanks in advance, Kathleen

Dan said...

@ 2:35 -- I'll check around with some oldtimers, I'm too new (only 30 years).... Happy Holidays!