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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jerry and 'violation by signs'

A 2009 primary campaign sign of Jerry's spotted yesterday.
Plainfielders got an earful when pranksters loaded up Assemblyman Jerry Green's curbside with campaign signs of the Democratic primary's victorious candidate for the Wards 2/3 nomination, Rebecca Williams, evidently on election night.

Jerry told everyone who would listen that he felt 'violated' (see
my post here, the Assemblyman's post here, and Mark Spivey's article in the Courier here) and there were dark threats of pursuing the matter as 'criminal mischief'.

In fact, Jerry made so much noise about it that the Courier felt compelled to editorialize about it on June 11, declaring that the incident wasn't worth the 'outrage' (see here).

That sense of 'violation' came to mind when I caught sight of one of Jerry's 2009 primary campaign signs languishing (still) on a fence alongside a busily traveled Plainfield street, more than 13 months after it should have stopped 'violating' our visual space. Is it a prank? An oversight? Or is it 'criminal mischief'?

Whatever, I guess the public has a right to feel 'violated'.

Jerry complained he felt 'violated' when pranksters decked
his curbside with Primary winner Williams' signs.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Slow news day, I guess.

Dan said...

@ 8:15 AM: Summer weekend -- everyone's either mowing the grass or down the Shore.

You and I are the only ones around...

Bob said...

I guess Jerry wants to keep his name out there, since after the next election he'll be old news and no longer ripping the public off. He and Sharon will not be missed.

Anonymous said...

It Saturday in the Queen City
Best get ready for the drive byes stabbings robbery and mayhem

Anonymous said...

This silliness is the result when you commit to daily posting.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Dan put the sign up himself so he could take a picture of it and then criticize JG. When there's no real news--make some up yourself.

Dan said...

@ 4:26 PM: And sanded and scuffed it to make it look worn, and Photoshopped in the weeds and the junker vehicle.

BTW, you can drive by and see it for yourself...Madison Avenue.

It was, after all, a slow summer weekend.

But wait, there's another sign...on a vacant building where there was an unsolved murder. Should I post that one, too?