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Friday, July 2, 2010

Jerry pulls a post in support of Mayor's 'state of emergency'?

Email notice of Jerry's post supporting the mayor.

Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green appears to have had second thoughts about a blog post he made yesterday in support of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' 'state of emergency' over the outbreak of recent gang violence.

The Internet is so wonderful!

Since there is not time enough in the world to hunt for Plainfield-related news all day, every day, I have learned to set the Web to work for me rounding up these items as they appear and sending me email alerts throughout the day.

The email pictured at the top of this story arrived in my mailbox in late afternoon, but I didn't get to check it until after Council. Clicking on the link in the email took me to a 'page not found' message, rather than to the expected page (see image below).

Clicking the email's link took me to an error page.

However, the Internet being a place where nothing anyone posts ever really dies, I did a Google search for selected text from Jerry's missing post, and -- voilĂ  -- a link showing some of the text, and even a little image of Jerry's blog. (UPDATE: Turns out what Jerry had actually done was post the June 23 Courier story on the Mayor's 'state of emergency' press conference -- see the Google cached copy, with text highlighting, here.)

So, did he withdraw his support of the Mayor's 'state of emergency' or did he get word that the Mayor thinks she didn't declare a 'state of emergency'?

What Google found when looking for Jerry's 'missing' post.

Whether the Internet is making things easier -- or harder -- is, I suppose a matter of one's point of view.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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