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Friday, July 16, 2010

Clock running out for Robinson-Briggs on CMFO appointment

The Mayor's third extension is running out
Time is running out for Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs to find and appoint a CMFO (certified municipal financial officer) for the city. Monday marks the expiration of the THIRD three-month extension Robinson-Briggs has been granted by the Department of Community Affairs. It also happens to be the night the Council will take up a resolution asking the state to intervene.

As Councilor Bill Reid remarked at last Monday's Council meeting, 'it will be a miracle' if the position is filled by the deadline.

Has the mayor asked for yet another extension? Will the state grant one?

Will Councilor Reid be successful in his self-assigned task of asking the mayor to sign on to the Council's resolution asking the state to appoint a temporary CMFO for the city?

Whatever the answer to these questions, the Council appears poised to continue its push to get someone on board as soon as possible.

Despite continual assurances that she 'is working on it [the appointment', there has only been one candidate advanced by Mayor Robinson-Briggs, James Mangin, treasurer and CFO of the borough of Oakland (see here), who had then been in his job for just a year, having come from Long Hill Township. That was on July 20, 2009, almost exactly one year ago (see story here). 

City Administrator Bibi Taylor pointed out that the Council had declined to confirm Mr. Mangin. Unspoken was the fact that Robinson-Briggs' commitment to the candidate must have been less than wholehearted since she did not push any further.

(The mayor has floated the suggestion that she offered the slot to Councilor Mapp, who holds the required state certification, but Mapp took pains at a Council meeting to state TWICE that no formal offer had been made by Robinson-Briggs though he and the mayor had had a conversation.)

The risk to the Mayor in not filling the slot is that if someone from the state steps in, the finances will come under a sharp -- and critical -- eye.

Many feel that would not be a bad thing.

NOTE: Per Olddoc's suggestion, I am embedding the silent movie clip --

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

This mayor needs a "close and critical eye" since she pulls too many shady moves and many of voters don't trust her. If you don't trust your local government, then the city is in true trouble. I hope the City Council keeps to their guns and the vote isn't split across old dem and new dem lines. The old dems in Plainfield and Trenton are on their way out.

olddoc said...

Too bad you post only stills from one of the greatest Harold Loyd Stunts. A video clip would be a better illustrate our present administration.

Dan said...

Olddoc -- Never occurred to me to look for videos of the old silent films. No sooner said than done. Prosit!

Anonymous said...

That was enjoyably funny. Loved it!

Rob said...

Taxpayers as well as the ENTIRE CITY COUNCIL should be annoyed by this having dragged out so long..but we know Jerry's kids will defend the Mayor on the council and the usual Dead Democrats before a live Republican will defend her too. Let's just hope if the state does step in they find more things to run her over the coals with...

Anonymous said...

Like many US CEO's and the last president Bush, just let the clock run out, and the mess will fall to the next mayor of Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

It was the Mayor & Bibi's choice to layoff good people in mid-level financial positions as she could run this City right. Opps