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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Robinson-Briggs finds one hat has no rabbit in it?

Can we just have a little 'just and capable government', please?

Tonight's City Council meeting will no doubt be interesting, but not for the reasons originally thought.

Plainfielders at last week's City Council meeting may well have wondered what kind of a rabbit-out-of-the-hat act Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs was pulling with the surprise announcements at two points in the course of the meeting that she had made offers to two individuals for the open finance positions.

The Council reacted with scepticism and wanted to see the resum├ęs and offer letters for the two positions. The Administration was unwilling to produce same and, when the meeting was recessed for someone to retrieve the documents in question from city hall, never even left the room to get them.

In the ensuing conversation it came out that there was no offer letter for the Finance & Administration slot.

Tonight the Council will take up consideration of giving advice and consent to one of the positions -- the certified municipal finance officer (CMFO).

Word in the street today is that the candidate for the Director of Finance & Administration has withdrawn from consideration.

If there ever was a real candidate, since the Mayor played the 'trust me' game.

By this time we should have learned what that means.

Special Meeting
Plainfield City Council

Tonight | 8:00 PM
City Hall Library

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

As an outsider and one who contributes to Plainfield via taxes, I will demand a full investigation into this horseplay, as well as an investigation into the Plainfield B.O.E. It is unconsionalbe that my tax dollars pay for this incompetence. I urge everyone to write to the Govenor. Something is terribly wrong here.

Anonymous said...

What is terribly wrong is that a majority of people voted for this mayor. I have not heard much support for her during this period. Where are they? Justify why you think this person is competent in running Plainfield, because I don't see it.

Anonymous said...

As each day goes by I get the feeling more and more that someone will be PROSECUTED for some dealings at City Hall. I'm not sure WHO JUST YET but I am sure IT WILL HAPPEN

Bob said...

I'm glad someone agrees with me that this incompetant, poor excuse of a mayor has to go. The BOE hasn't changed either, even when we hoped we had put in some people with morals. Looks like they are just as amoral as the one's we kicked out.

Anonymous said...

All those that supported this mayor (Voted for her) must be on the take, being paid off through jobs, kickbacks, etc. Pretty clear to me. Get a CFO in here NOW, before her term is up and she escapes penalty.


Rob said...

I am amazed that some people find it hard to believe that Assistant Mayor Sharon is in office despite her obvious continued short comings on all aspects of her administration...simply put for an explanation..."BLIND PARTY LINE VOTERS" or worse yet, " Because Jerry said vote for them."
Talk amongst yourselves...

Anonymous said...

We ALL need to ask Christie to come in and clean shop. Of course money is being mishandled. Of course our Mayor is unqualified to hold the position of MAYOR. Of course we are going to Hell in a hand basket.
I love my house, I love my neighbors, I just can't believe that the this type of crap (mayor, boe, division of rec) is allowed to continue.