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Monday, July 5, 2010

An Independence Day Celebrations Album

U.S. flag and flags of the states decorate the reviewing stand.

An small album of photos from Plainfield's 2010 celebration of Independence Day.

From Saturday's 87th Annual Independence Day Parade --

Kids love parades,  no matter what.

Waiting for the next unit is half the fun

Uncle Sam on stilts is always a hit.

Mohawk Lodge's marching unit.

The Plainfield Soccer Club.

Plainfield's Girl Scouts march.

N.J. Wolves.

Plainfield's New Democrats
with candidate Rebecca Williams (right).

From Saturday and Sunday's Hispanic Festival in celebration of American Independence --

The crowd enjoyed live music both days.

Kids lined up for pony rides,
including this toddler with sombrero.

Kabobs, flame-grilled flank steak
and other treats drew hungry crowds.

There were lines at every food vendor's stall.

Spider Man moonwallk was a big hit. was the mechanical bull ride
(and not just for boys).

Vendors had plenty of merchandise,
including cowboy boots...

...and soccer outfits for the little ones.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Bob said...

    Besides the parade, which gets more boring every year and seems to be a venue for politicians to show off, where were the events for those of us who speak English? Too bad, I would have gone if there were any.

    Rob said...

    Hate to be the bearer of a major faux pas...The display of all the flags had them all at the height...when the flag of the United States of America is displayed with flags of another country it is to be displayed prominently higher...Surprised the American Legion or VFW didn't bring that up. Per the Festival, it's such a pleasure to attend a non-city event to see it full of fun and entertainment as opposed to politics and childish behavior. The organizers should show the present city administration how to handle events.

    Jackie said...

    Great shots, Dan!

    Dan said...

    Bob -- When I was a kid, my folks used to take us to the festivals at St. Anthony's (Italian) and St. Hedwig's (Polish) every year.

    We weren't Italian, Polish or Catholic, but we had a good time.

    Why not just plunge in and enjoy yourself?