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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Van Blake dumped. Will Green put up with loss of Black Freeholder seat?

Freeholder Van Blake is being dumped.

Plainfield's Freeholder Rayland Van Blake is being dumped by the Union County Dems in favor of a white candidate from Linden; at least that's the likely scenario in an early story on PolitickerNJ (see here).

Assemblyman Jerry Green and Union County Dem chair Charlotte DeFillippo gave Van Blake the news Monday morning, according to the story. SEE POLITICKERNJ UPDATES AT END OF STORY.

The story originally broke on Plainfield Today last Friday (see here), where I pegged the issue being the question of a Freeholder slot for Linden, with Van Blake being vulnerable on account of his low public profile as a Freeholder, where public appearances and activities are a major part of the duties.

The issue comes up not just because Van Blake's seat is up this year, but also owing to the fact that Freeholder Nancy Ward has moved from Linden to Westfield. Evidently no consideration is being given to forcing Ward to resign so that her seat can be kept for Linden.

With no likelihood that DeFilippo will find an African American candidate from Linden (or that the Linden party organization would accept one), Assemblyman Jerry Green is put squarely on the hot seat.

The notion of 'switching years', with Plainfield being given a seat next year is pure fantasy.

Plainfield has experience of DeFilippo and the keeping of her word (just think about the Park-Madison ripoff -- after five years, terms of the deal still not met, PILOT payments still not set).

There is no question of trusting Charlotte; you just can't afford to gamble on it.

The only real question here is: Will Assemblyman Green put up with the loss of a seat at the table for an African American from Plainfield?

PolitickerNJ UPDATES --

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Jerry is too afraid of Charlotte to make waves. He will bow to the pressure of his bosses. He is only a tough talker inside the city limits of Plainfield. His lack of public appearnce of late is a direct result of him trying to get to the end of his term without any troubles. Politically or legally. They are coming to get you Jerry!

Rob said...

If Charlotte tells Jerry to "eat it and like it"..he'll do it with a smile on his face. HE IS A PARTY HACK!
I personally would love to see Jerry stand up and show he actually has a spine and thinks for himself by not following his boss Charlotte's orders. But, we all know that would be like Assistant Mayor Sharon standing up and saying no to Jerry..." Ain't gonna happen!! "

Anonymous said...

Lets leave race out of this - it is not germane anymore. You just need a good freeholder who understands the public committment an election brings.

Anonymous said...

He said the New Democrats are still supporting him. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Van Blake is a loser and a constant no-show. Time to cut him loose.