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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

City Rec Division mugging Queen City Baseball League kids

Logo of the Queen City Baseball League.

Despite admonitions by Plainfield's City Council this past fall that the City Recreation Division, under its director Dave Wynn, play nice with the Queen City Baseball League (QCBL), Wynn evidently means to do them harm by 'reserving' all the ball fields in Plainfield for the Division's teams.

This appears to be just about being mean to kids who don't understand grownup ways and just want to play ball.

more than two hundred children enrolled, and with well-motivate volunteer coaches, the Queen City Baseball League dwarfs the 60 or so players Wynn is fielding. Plus your tax dollars are being spent on coaches for the Rec Division's teams, so it should be a no-brainer for a cash-strapped Administration.

Now that the season is ready to get under way, it is crucial for this voluntary, community-wide sports program to get the fair treatment it deserves.

The Mayor, who supposedly represents ALL THE PEOPLE, should order Wynn to relent and share equitably.

If she will not, I think Councilor Mapp is on the right track by asking the City Council to formally support the QCBL with a $1-per-year arrangement (see his post here). My one quibble would be that this would best be done with a RESOLUTION rather than an ORDINANCE -- the difference being that an ordinance persists forever until it is changed, whereas a resolution binds the Council only for the current year (though a resolution can be renewed every year if necessary).

Queen City Baseball League supporters have a perfect opportunity to bring the matter once again before the Council and the whole city by showing up en masse at the Council's four Town Hall meetings scheduled over the next few weeks in each ward and making their case for Council intervention if the Mayor and Wynn won't be reasonable.

Here is the schedule of the town hall meetings, beginning with Ward 1 tomorrow --
  • Ward 1 Town Hall · 7 PM · Thursday, March 18 · Emerson School
  • Ward 2 Town Hall · 7 PM · Thursday, March 25 · Cook School
  • Ward 3 Town Hall · 7 PM · WEDNESDAY, March 31 · Cedarbrook School
  • Ward 4 Town Hall · 7 PM · Thursday, April 22 · Clinton School
Besides all this, the parents and supporters of the Queen City Baseball League can join the growing ranks of those who are fed up with a Mayor who refuses to represent ALL the residents and taxpayers of Plainfield.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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olddoc said...

I am not convinced ,unless thgere is a legal problem, that tghe city should charge th QCBL even $0.01 do use public properties. Arte the other "Sports Clubs" that play on Plainfield field or in the County Park charge for their use? If there needs to be a charge for upkeep that is OK,but thye taxpayer is already funding the fields.

This QCBL is an open community activity and should be supported.

Rob said...

Nothing says "UNITY" and "IN IT TOGETHER" like watching a couple of adults screwing over kids. The fact that Assistant Mayor Sharon remains silent is of no surprise to anyone, including myself, to be sure. I do believe it would be an extremely sad state of affairs if the rest of the City Council Members didn't put a stop to this ASAP. I commend Mapp for standing up and doing the right thing. Let's hope the rest take a stand as well. Although I am sure there will be the usual 2 afraid to make waves with the Mayor and Assistant Mayor Sharon.

Anonymous said...

The reason Wynn is doing this is because he knows he has no recreation department worth a darn. He is absymally inept in running any kind of recreation program, but he knows he is safe because the mayor will protect him.

Just another example of the administration being inefficient and having no other interest than their own to support.

I want to know from the people who voted for her, how they feel about this. I never hear support of any of the mayor's actions from the people who voted for her. She won, so they are in the majority, but I never hear from them.

Who voted for her thinking she has the capability and skills to handle this job?

Anonymous said...

Sooo ...

Any reasonable person would think a "recreation director" would work with a well-organized group, assist them in their mission.

This group of citizens pay for the director's salary and pay county taxes for the maintenance of the park -- and he's screwing them over in a childish power player.

Citizens should call for this individual to be fired. His mission to to PROMOTE recreation -- not screw people over - especially a long-time, organized, productive recreation group.

Citizens cannot afford people on the tax payroll who are not productive, not doing their jobs, creating ill-will in the community.

Anonymous said...

To 8:55 AM

I support Dave in his actions as do many.

Do you think the mayor or Council would win in this case? What did he do wrong? Use City equiment (ball fields) for his own personal use (in forming a league)?

If that is the case - BAM! A 3 day suspension is in order - Just like Hellwig got.

Anonymous said...

Like the leader of the PD, he too needs to go play some where else.

Anonymous said...

After reading the four comments prior comments, I feel I must respond. Like most, the comments appear to be form individuals from second and third hand information taken for truth and failing to do a little research on their own concerning the subject that they are planning on writing about.

Why is everyone jumping on the attack of Mayor Briggs and Dave Wynn, when the City is offering a cost effective alternative to Queen City Baseball, what do I mean by Cost effective? Queen City Baseball fees are initially set at $135.00 however, there will be additional cost during the season, and the City’s Baseball fees are $25.00 with no additional cost during the season. I see that as a good cost alternative considering the number of working family’s trying to make ends meet on one paycheck or unemployment, that $25.00 dollars means their child or children will be able to play.

No one seems to be concerned about the kids in their comments, so what all of you want is that the City close down their baseball program, and the children registered with the City will not play.

What I don’t see is anyone up In arms concerning the City’s basketball program, when in fact there are three AAU basketball programs in the City, that are able to maintain and be competitive same goes for the two football programs in the city, I suspect throughout all of this the programs will survive with enough kids to go around.

It appears is that all the prior comments and the main article are writing based on what they have heard not what the know, if anyone of you had taken the time to look at Queen City Baseball’s web site and read the posted Court Order, you would have known that the suit was mainly against the three directors for their illegal activities, misappropriation of league funds and personal behaviors, the Court appointed a receiver to control the corporation, no one commented on these aspects of the Court case not even Councilman Mapp, I don’t think the Court would have made an Order lightly not to mention to require the Order to be posted on the Queen City Baseball League‘s web site.

The sad thing is that Queen City Baseball was informing parents that the City was not having a baseball league, which just wasn’t so.

But what I find so disturbing is that Council was so quick to jump on the band wagon to support Queen City Baseball to the detriment of the children and their parents for choosing the City’s program which in all aspects was more affordable, both programs can survive. I did vote for Mayor Briggs.

There is nothing more true than what Mark Twain said:

"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know.
It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.?"

Anonymous said...

Dave Wynn is a belligerent, ignorant, little boy who hides behind the shield of Robinson-Briggs. His attitude or lack thereof towards the citizens and the children of this city is demeaning, rude, obnoxious and repugnant as is his friend, the Mayor should not be tolerated. Wynn and the mayor advocate this type of behavior because the recreation division programs are a disgrace and in shambles. They've got to push someone around. It's a waste of taxpayers money to keep Wynn in a job. He should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for his abusive, destructive, derisive conduct. As a parent of Queen City Baseball League, their values and what they preach are to be commended. Coach Anthony Davis is a top notch baseball man. But he doesn't preach just baseball. He talks to our children about being unselfish, friendship, teamwork, good sportsmanship, fair play. He implores our children to get their education, be mindful of their parents and to stay off the streets. The VOLUNTEERS involved with Queen City Baseball League are outstanding as well. AND THEY DON'T GET PAID. Queen City's program and volunteers are unmatched and demand support. So we as parents of Queen City Baseball League, must come together to UNITE IN A STRONG, UNDENIABLE BOND to bring down the EVIL DUO of Wynn, Briggs and their henchmen. Let's gather and unite and SUPPORT QUEEN CITY BASEBALL LEAGUE so that they can get the support and respect they so richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

dave wynn isn't the only rotten one that is trying to destroy this worthy program. According to QCBL website there are a couple of bitter plaintiffs that are taking them thru the court system apparently because they got put off the board of directors. It is a classic case of adults hurting children to hurt other adults. I just bet there is some collusion between Recreation and the plaintiffs. What is wrong with these people in Plainfield. It's hateful, spiteful and downright mean-spirited.

Anonymous said...

This situation could have been immediately squashed with two words..."stop dave" One must wonder why the Mayor continues to support him with her silence. Hmmm!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your title is certainly fitting - "City Rec Division mugging Queen City Baseball League kids". Everybody knows the kind of bully David Wynn is. He is disrespectful to many and has literally cussed out his own staff and other City employees. Why wasn't he on the layoff list or better yet fired. He's a black eye to the City. What kind of contradiction is it for a Recreation Director to be going after a youth program? Obviously he hasn't read his job description. Oh that's right, it's all about him.

Randy Schaeffer said...

Regarding the planned town meetings - I wonder if interpreters will be available so as to enable our Spanish speaking neighbors to participate?

Rob said...

To anonymous at 1:22 -
My issue is simply this. Really, you need all the fields for you and for you alone ??? No way possible to share ?? Can't work it out for the kids ?? Can't try to be the bigger person and make it happen so everyone can have a good time ?? Really ?? Not possible ?? And so I clarify the obvious, I DIDN'T vote for that hot-mess Assistant Mayor Sharon because of thing like this, Hellwig's Angry 6 1/2", the Royal Ball The Cheshire Cat is having for herself ( hardly even the Queen of Hearts )and other lame and pathetic measures she bumbles through so much like a Village Idiot. IF SHE CARED ABOUT THE CITY AND IT'S PEOPLE SHE WOULDN'T ALLOW CRAP LIKE THIS TO SIMPLY EXIST. SHE WOULD STOP IT OR...DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN -- PREVENT IT THROUGH HER ACTIONS...but that's what LEADERS do.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the two were removed from the board when some funny business when on with the money. Because they were not with it, two of the other board members voted them off. What gives two people the power to do that. Do they own the league? Or is the league for the kids? P.A.L. had its hand in the pot since the days of "booster" sales. Different name, same sticky finger game. If the two who brought the lawsuit are trying to change something GOOD FOR THEM.

Anonymous said...

Someone spoke about Dave Wynn and the $25 charge for rec programs. Folks who want quality play for their children don't care how much it cost. Basketball in the past held over 500 kids and this year only had a little over 200 not even 300; for a city that has over 12,000 kids in the school system. Let's take note that Dave Wynn cancelled 3 programs during the winter months but is so worried about baseball. The programs designated under rec. why aren't those promoted like it did baseball this is all a personal vendetta. The truth will come out! You don't MESS with GOD'S CHILDREN!!

Anonymous said...

To 1:22pm
Obviously you are one of the insiders or one of the unfortunate who can be bullied into supporting dave wynn. No rational person who really knows him would support him in his hatefulness. But here is the issue with baseball. There was absolutely no need to form this City program with an already existing viable program in place. Otherwise, what other private non profit program will be next? Pop Warner? Youth Soccer? Or any other program that makes him mad? Therefore dave wynn must have either been influenced or has his own vendetta to go after this program in particular. Why is he not focusing on his own programs that have such low enrollment. And with that, what makes you think he would do a better job with baseball.

As far as the lawsuit, from reading what is available on their website, the first order was for the plaintiffs to be placed BACK on the board of directors. If that doesn’t make it crystal clear that the whole lawsuit was pure revenge. Further, you need only to look at the plaintiffs to see why there may be some favored moves by the court. I hope that gets checked out.

As far as the City’s basketball program. That has been in existence long before dave wynn came on as the City‘s nightmare. Also Plainfield is known as a basketball town so there are plenty of kids to find a spot to play. Besides the fact the AAU teams are for the cream of the crop whereas the City’s program is for everyone for skill building and inter city competition. Plainfield is NOT a baseball town. So there is not enough to fill two inter-city leagues. Another thing. The City is reported to have 60 kids while QCBL has more than three times that. Dave wynn has scooped up all the available ball fields including the school properties. I understand he has to go to North Plainfield to team up with them to even have any kids to play against. Do the math and the rationale.

As far as the so called falsehood you place on QCBL for spreading, do your homework and see the City Council minutes when dave’s former director Jennifer Wenson Maier clearly stated there was not going to be a baseball league. Dave wynn was right in the audience. The Council’s opinion was the City would only do a league if QCBL was not able to handle it on their own. So they had every right to believe that the Administration would not flat out lie about having a league.

Now as for your “good cost alternative” statement. It’s quite obvious from all the parents that are currently signed up for QCBL that they chose quality over dictatorship. In spite of recreation’s hard fast registration deadline, he’s still trying to solicit players. His flyer currently on the City’s website advertises baseball for $35. Did he have to give a $10 discount off that affordable price to lure more parents? In fact why aren’t all his programs over run with participants?

My true hope is this will be the “straw” that will get the attention of the Attorney General. If you want to really talk about “illegal activities”, let her start in Recreation.

You better go back and reread your quote from Mark Twain. Another thing that would get you in trouble is hatefulness.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know why QCBL kept telling me that the City was not going to have a league. I am capable of making my own decisions. Giving out that incorrect information makes me wonder about what other things were said or done. What does that teach our children.

Anonymous said...

12,000 kids in the system? Then why are the two leagues fighting over the kids. Aren't there enough to go around? Someone come up with a schedule, if you haven't already, and share the fields. Let's get back to the real problems with Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

to post on 3/17 @ 12:19pm

It's interesting how you think individuals are forming their opinions based on 2nd and 3rd hand information, yet you imply the suit against the directors as fact, when the truth is the case has not been decided for or against anyone. So one would think your opinion is a biased one based on 2nd or 3rd hand information as well. Just because there is a lawsuit does not automatically mean someone is guilty.

Another thing, how do you know what Queen City Baseball is telling people? Do you have some inside information? The way I hear it, it is Dave Wynn who is going around saying Queen City won't be having a baseball season. So it just goes to show that all there is is alot of rumors and half-truths going around.

Also, maybe the reason concerned parents and other citizens are not in an uproar about there being more than 1 basketball and football league is because Dave Wynn is not trying to shut them down like he seems to want to do with the baseball league. How do you know what the future fees are going to be for Queen City Baseball? Since there seems to be about 200 kids signed up, obviously these parents wanted their kids to be there regardless of the cost. Registration was open to everyone who wanted to join.

How dare you imply that people are not smart enough to read the court order and decide for themselves what they believe. Again, just because the court ordered something posted doesn't make it true.

Here's a quote for you:
The Magnificent and Wonderful Marvin Gaye sang:
"believe half of what you see and none of what you hear".

Who cares who you voted for? What in the H*^( does that have to do with anything? It's a free country and last time I checked, you can vote for anybody you want.

Anonymous said...

Folks, if you know baseball or plainfield. You will know by market research baseball is not big in urban communities this is nationwide. Plainfield is and has always been a basketball and football town.

The city council told the rec. director that their would not be baseball but dave does what dave wants.

Anonymous said...

Let's get something right......Jennifer Wenson Maier was the rec director who was not asked to stay on this term. The new director is David Brown not Dave wynn who is rec superintendent not director

Anonymous said...

my apologies to post 3/17 @ 12:19 my comments were directed at
post 3/17 @ 1:22

modiddley said...

this childish high school battle between 2 organiztions is growing old and allot of us parents are tired of the BS..All this negative slander against each other and your still in the same place. NO WHERE..Take a look another look people..Who's suffering the 200+ kids waiting for the grown folks to come to a resolution..The weather is breaking for the good and the kids are still doing NOTHING. Stop the BS and the maddness come to a resolution shares the fields and let's play and watch some baseball.